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What do you mean by LED Bollard Garden Lights?

Gardens offer moments of great happiness, either in solitude or in the company of others. Evenings spent in your garden can be the highlight of the day and it is therefore important to look after your garden and highlight the best features. Here is what you need to know about LED Bollard Lights and their choice as a preferred lighting solution for gardens.

Illuminate large areas.

LED Bollard Lights are designed to illuminate large areas. This is in sharp contrast with other forms of Outdoor Lighting that are meant to light up specific areas, the requirements of lighting large areas are quite different. The spread of the light needs to even, despite that fact that it is expected to extend over a large area. 

Installed outdoors, exposed to elements of nature.

Bollard Lights are designed to last a long time, while remaining installed outdoors.  Bollard Lights will be exposed to relentless onslaughts of nature during its lifetime.  This could be in the form of rain, harsh sunlight, wind or corrosive salt laden wind. Bollard lights are made of materials and designed in colours able to withstand most of the effects of nature.

Adjustable models.

Adjustable bollard lights are a hit.  This model features two adjustable heads permitting tilting of the light’s focus. With an ability to rotate and tilting, it is possible to highlight particular aspects without having to move the post or install additional lights.  This model also comes with dimmable option, permitting the change of the light’s intensity with the help of a controller.  This helps to create stunning effects on the landscape.

Safety ratings of prime importance.

It is important to choose Bollard Lights that are rated for safety. IP44 rated Bollard Lights offer protection from the intrusion of water and a great degree of assurance about the quality of the fittings. Before you make a choice about any Bollard Light, remember to carry out a check of the ‘IP rating’. You will have greater confidence permitting guests, kids and pets to move around the garden.

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