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Advantages of Installing LED Tape Extrusion

All light fixtures are destined to last longer when installed with care and protective covers. LED tape is one of the most versatile lighting solutions for residences and commercial spaces. Offering illumination with style, the ease of installation is what drives the popularity of the light higher. Installation is as simple as cutting the strips to desired length and fixing. Protective casing helps to increase the lifespan, the appearance and the efficiency of the LED tape. Some of the many advantages of LED tape extrusion are laid down here for a better appreciation of the features.

Cover it right to make it bright with easy maintenance

Tape extrusions come with a cover and end caps are also available to prevent moisture, smoke or any particles that would coat the surface of the LED tape. All that is required is a simple dry or damp wipe to clean the surface of the extrusion to continue receiving bright white light. Unprotected LED tape runs the risk of having a layer of dust or moisture laden particles settling on the tape. This would ten become difficult to clean, obstructing the flow of light.

Surface mounted extrusions in snazzy designs

Extrusions are surface mounted models that are easy to install without having to create recesses or extra provisions for installation. Available in easily installable lengths of multiples of one or two metres (other lengths possible – please call) the LED extrusions cater to almost any need or design element in residences and commercial spaces. LED tape lengths more than two metres can easily be handled by aligning extrusions end on end fitting the end caps on ends of the joined extrusions. The designs are elegant and will blend in with any décor gracefully.

Frosted cover for that stunning appeal

Extrusions come with frosted covers for that stunning visual appearance. With LED tape lights offering classy illumination, it is mandatory that the extrusions are also of a standard and design that complement the look. Offering perfect housing for the tapes and drivers, LED tape extrusions are compact designs. Inside the cover of the extrusions, space permits the fixing of the LED Tape.


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