LED tape lights, an essential in modern lighting, offer countless benefits. With their undisputed versatility, this lighting solution makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, sparking creativity on a grand scale. LED tape lights open the door to endless possibilities, allowing you to bring your exceptional vision to life!

When purchasing LED tape lights, it’s critical to buy from trusted sources to guarantee that the model is of the highest quality. There are three options where you can buy your tape lights, including:

  • Online Retailers
  • Specialty Stores
  • Home Improvement Centres

Understanding LED Tape Lights

Before you decide where to buy your tape lights, it’s best to understand what they are. That way, you’ll have a clear concept of whether they fit the lighting design you’ll be doing!
LED tape lights are ribbon-like circuit boards with LED chips on one side and adhesive backing on the other. They come in different lengths, widths, IP ratings, colour temperatures, colours, and more!

Nowadays, LED tape lights are seen in many modern homes, elevating the room’s overall aesthetics and boosting their functionality. With its ease of application, unmatched flexibility and energy-saving quality, there’s no doubt that people are leaning towards this lighting solution over others!

Types of LED Tape Lights

How is it possible for LED tapes to suit various applications? It’s because it comes in different varieties! There are a few types of tape lights that you’ll commonly encounter, including:

  • LED dotless tape light – As the name implies, it has a continuous uniform glow without any visible dots. It has a different appearance than a typical dotted tape light and is perfect for people who want a seamless and unchanging look!
  • Dimmable LED tape light – It allows you to brighten or dim the tape light to match the atmosphere with your current mood! Whenever you want to relax, dim the lights, and if you have a mountain of chores to finish, brighten them.
  • RGB colour-changing LED tapes – These tapes have red, blue, and green individual LED chips that, when mixed together, can create thousands of colours. This type is perfect if you love hosting parties in your home or want a splash of colour in your space!
  • Colour-tunable LED tape – If an RGB tape light produces thousands of colours, a tunable LED tape has a wide colour temperature spectrum. With this, you can access cool white, natural white and warm white light!

shelf with LED strip light in the middle

Before settling on an LED tape light, consider a few things. Remember, there are more types than the ones mentioned above. So, if you don’t filter your choices, things will become overwhelming!

You should examine brightness, colour, colour temperature, and IP rating, among other critical aspects. However, to determine those, you’ll need to establish the purpose of the tape light. Once you’ve established that, you’ll have a more distinct idea of what tape light you’ll have to buy!

Suppose you want to add LED tape to your bathroom as a versatile lighting solution, allowing you to shower safely daily and relax. The first thing that you need to check is the IP rating. Since you’re installing it in the bathroom, it needs to be water-resistant. An IP65 rating is necessary for the area directly above the shower and an IP44 and above for the bathroom zone 2.

To give you versatility, opt for a dimmable and colour-tunable tape light. When you’re doing your skincare and make-up or when you’re shaving, you can use a cool white or natural white light. During your spa days and long, relaxing baths, switch to warm white light to cosy up the atmosphere!

Where to Buy LED Tape Lights?

Now that you have a clear picture of what LED tape light to buy, it’s time to decide where to get them. Should you purchase from online retailers, speciality stores, or home improvement centres?

Online Retailers

Among the three mentioned, online retailers are the most convenient mode of acquisition. You don’t need to leave your home, walk around the store, and carry your purchase back home. All you have to do is scroll through your phone, laptop or tablet and wait for the product to be delivered!

In addition, online stores have a significantly wide selection, including diverse brands, colours, sizes, IP ratings, and more.
The only downside with online retailers is you can only physically examine the product after it gets delivered. What if the tape light is faulty when it arrives, and you urgently need to use it? Even if you can return and exchange, there will be a delay to your timeline since you have to wait for the replacement.

To combat that issue, only purchase from trusted suppliers. Their products are guaranteed to be top quality, and reputable sellers will help you address any concerns. So, if you decide to shop online for convenience, only visit the websites of trusted suppliers!

Specialty Lighting Stores

Say you need a customised LED tape design. The best place to look for them is in a speciality lighting store. They can tailor-fit the style you want and create a personalised look based on your preferences. Typically, tape lights in these establishments are like artwork meant to be displayed. So, if you want a unique centrepiece for your space, consider shopping from speciality lighting stores!

Home Improvement Centres

If you prefer buying tape lights in-store, you can visit home improvement centres or hardware stores. Usually, the tape lights carried by online retailers are available in those places, ready for people to check out.

When purchasing in-store, it’s best to test the product before going to the cashier. You’re already there, so there’s nothing wrong with being extra meticulous. Also, when in doubt, you can consult the salespeople to ensure the tape lights’ compatibility and appropriateness for the application you plan to carry out.

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Where to buy LED tape lights: online retailers, speciality lighting stores, or home improvement centres? It all depends on your preference! What’s important is that you know what you need, look for trusted suppliers, and inspect the product. For online purchases, read the reviews of other customers, as they can help you get a gist of the model’s quality.

If you are looking for a reputable online store to purchase LED tape lights, visit our website, Simple Lighting! Our extensive collection of tape lights and other lighting solutions are guaranteed to be top-quality and high-performing!


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