Are you tired of your dull kitchen? Adding plinth lights can make a massive difference in the way it looks and functions. This lighting solution can transform any kitchen into a more elegant space that makes cooking a little more enjoyable. Plinth lighting, as the name suggests, is installed in plinths or the kickboards under the cabinets. However, there are no limits on how you can use these lights. You can place it directly into your kitchen cabinets or your hallways and stairs. The sky’s the limit!

Colour Changing LED Plinth Lights

LED lighting manufacturers have come up with a great selection of plinth lights in new and innovative designs to add to their versatility.

These plinth lights are available in different colours, from natural to warm light and cool blue hues. Consider colour-changing plinth lights, which add a playful aspect to your kitchen or any space where they are installed and are remotely controlled for added flair. These lights can be applied alongside the steps of the stairs, too.

Different Types of Plinth Lights

Modern Kitchen with Plinth Lights - Natural White

We can distinguish two different types of plinth lights: continuous and spotlighting. Continuous plinth lighting often comes in strips, which can be cut to fit into most confined spaces. Consider this lighting with a warm white light if you want to emphasize red tiles or wooden ones. Spot plinth lights are small individual fittings that are installed outward to serve as accent lighting. They often emit crisp light that is bright and rich in colour.

If you are interested in money-saving, long-term, and hardy lights for kitchen improvement (or decorating any other room), this product is undoubtedly the right choice. However, keep in mind that you need to measure where you want to install them to make sure you are ordering enough plinth lights to cover your space!

Benefits of LED Plinth Lights

LED plinth lights use little energy and have low heat output. Thanks to those factors, your electricity bills will be noticeably reduced and, at the same time, your interior will look very elegant and stylish. What is more, they do not demand much maintenance because they are amazingly long-lasting, so you will not have to change the bulbs too often. Also, these lights are much more durable than a halogen bulb or incandescent, so you will not need to spend much money on replacements or maintenance.

Diverse Ways to Use Plinth Lights

You can find numerous LED plinth lighting ideas online. People who buy them tend to be very creative and find more and more ways to use them.

Buffet Cabinet with Plinth Lights

You can use it in your bathroom, inside the shower. You can also incorporate it in the kitchen, on the stairs, or in the dining room. Since these lights do not consume too much energy, you can install as many of them as you want, and your electricity bills still will not be too terrifying.

Plinth Lights are pretty versatile and look fantastic with white, black, and red instalments, and more.

Now that you know how to use plinth lights, it’s time to head on to Simple Lighting and shop now! 


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