Creating and building a productive workplace for all of your employees can be difficult when it comes to organisation, team building and many more factors.

However, something just as simple as the environment they’re working in can have a detrimental effect on their levels of work – more specifically, the type of lighting that is installed in your workplace.

Implementing a lighting operation system that the team agrees with – but also aligns well with the work at hand – is the most crucial component of any running business. But why is lighting so important? And what is high bay lighting? Read along for some reasons why your business needs high bay lighting.


Why is Lighting Important For Workplaces?

Along the colour temperature chart, many different colours suit completely different environments. Rooms that are not used often but need excessive lighting for their key moments will need a brighter light – whereas, with regularly used lighting it needs to be further down the colour temperature chart.

Typically, you will be in your place of work for around eight hours a day (if not more). Therefore, anything that is too bright and affects your and your employees’ role responsibilities need to be changed immediately.

Even though it may only be a subconscious distraction, lighting can be chosen in order to enhance your daily productivity to a new level. In addition, making it a safer and more relaxed atmosphere for your employees should be your top priority as a business owner – not only to make your staff feel comfortable but to make sure your business is running at an optimal level.

Having the ability to realise what your workplace needs and what lighting will suit your business is an added boost of efficiency – which could be the difference between a key decision being made or not (increase in sales and revenue for example).


What is The Best Type of Lighting For a Workplace?

Although we know what is needed for a suitable workplace, buying the right equipment and lighting for your business still may be confusing. What is the best lighting? Is it LED strip lights? Is it a low bay light?

Well… an LED high bay light is what we recommend for a logical and coherent lighting system. While others may think that seriously bright LED light bulbs will improve efficiency, that is incorrect. Whereas, high bay LED lights generate enough brightness – whilst maintaining a clean lighting display for workers to thrive in.

Situations in which you need sufficient lighting (without going overboard) are exactly what high bay lighting is great for. Not only will it light up your entire office, warehouse or any environment you work in – but you will have safe working conditions to ensure that health and safety requirements are met.

In order for this kind of lighting to be appropriate for you, you will need at least a 20ft (or higher) ceiling. This is due to the fact that they thrive in a higher environment to illuminate the area as effectively as possible.


Why Choose High Bay Lighting?

High bay lighting and low bay LED lighting have become more favourable among offices, warehouses and many other forms of commercial lighting over recent years. However, if you’re unaware of why this is, we’re looking to aid you to make your decision/ change your mind on what your business needs.

Overall, the different LED lighting systems are all extremely beneficial – but, why should you choose LED high bay lighting over the rest? Below, we’re going to discuss the benefits of high bay LED lighting over natural daylight or any other product/ tools on the market today. Here are the reasons why you should consider high bay LED lights for your business:


Repairs Will be Limited Compared to Other Systems

As for traditional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs – they will often need heat to reach their maximum output of lighting. Because of this, red hot lights are an often occurrence, meaning that they will need to be repaired or replaced.

Whereas, any form of LED lighting will not need heat to produce lighting at a high standard. They distribute heat in small amounts when you compare it to traditional lighting, therefore your business’s lighting will last longer – ultimately saving you money in the long run.

No matter how long you need to illuminate your room, the energy of LED high bay lighting will conserve as much as possible – whilst being completely environmentally friendly in correlation.

Now, you will not need to add to the storage of bulbs that need constant clearance in bulk every few months. Boxes of unneeded bulbs in your cleaning process will be no more.


Increasing Your Employees’ Productivity

As we’ve briefly touched on previously, we believe that a happy workplace is a more productive workplace. Using the best high bay LED lights you can find may be the solution to the lack of effort within the workspace.

When staff are comfortable and enjoy the environment they work in, this subtle change makes a world of difference. When staff work harder, more work gets done – meaning that you’re going to find that everything will feel smooth running in contrast to prior days.

This bright light that is ideal for any business is available to the public in many different variants and designs. This versatility will allow you and the team to decide which will work best for performance. Whether it is overhead, hanging, etc – you will have a range of LED high bay lights to select from!


Reduction in Ambient Light Glimpses

As you’re either working on a screen or laptop in most cases, it is well-known that sunlight glare or certain types of lighting causes glare (that is extremely off-putting). Whereas, high bay lights reduce the glare on any working object that you need.

Even though you may think that brighter light causes glare, these high bay lights (that produce more light per watt) will increase visibility in comparison to sunlight or traditional lighting. With this knowledge, you will now be able to have an office without any complaints about screens being affected.

Whether it is a high bay lamp or overhead lighting, you will spend less money on batteries (or bulbs) and save valuable time in the office for work. Another benefit is that due to no heat being produced, a cooler place of work is presented, meaning more focus will be going into work – rather than focusing on the extremely hot environment around you.


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