LED stands for a light-emitting diode, and it was invented in the 1960s. At first, it replaced the small incandescent bulbs serving as indicator lamps. Nowadays, LEDs are extremely popular and adapted for many different uses. For instance, you can find them in camera flashes, aviation lighting, medical devices, automotive headlamps, and not only. Also, they are more and more common at homes, where they have both practical and decorative functions. They can provide your interior with a creative, modern look, and at the same time, their price will not scare you off. You can find a light bulb cheap and improve your lighting to a great extent!

Types of LED Bulbs

LED lighting is excellent for people who love creative solutions because they come in many different shapes and colours. These are a few of the most common types:

Standard LED Light Bulbs – thanks to these bulbs, light can be distributed at a wide angle and illuminate the whole interior. They are often used in hallways, reading lamps, and flush-mount or semi-flush fixtures.

Flood LED Light Bulbs – their purpose is to produce a wide, intense beam of light that can cover a broad area. For this reason, they can be most frequently found outside.

Recessed Lights (Can LED Bulbs) – they are mostly used to mount downlights in the ceiling. In this way, you can provide the whole interior with a modern look and illuminate it properly.

Globe LED Light Bulbs – as the name suggests, they are ball-shaped. Thanks to such a structure, they can emit light in all directions, so they are commonly used in pendant lights and bathroom vanities.

Linear LED Bulbs (Tube Lights) – this type of bulb is used for more practical purposes than decorative ones. Therefore, you can see it often in kitchens, offices, and other workspaces.

Track Lights – this kind of LED bulb takes the function of task lighting. It means that it has to highlight a particular spot, such as a work area or a decoration (like artwork).

Candelabra Bulbs (Candle LED Lights) – they are shaped like a flame, so they have an exquisite design. They are used in wall sconces, chandeliers, accent lighting, and other decorative fixtures.

Edison LED Bulbs – these bulbs are amazingly stylish, due to their vintage design. If you love retro decorations, this is the right choice for you. They will make the interior more beautiful and create a unique atmosphere in it. They can be paired with accents matching a particular theme.

Flexible Light Strips – you can provide yourself with a whole strip of tiny LED lights that can be placed, for example, under the cabinets or desks, or around a bar in a pub or club. It is worth knowing that if you get an RGB strip, you will even be able to change the light colours with a dedicated controller!

The Advantages of LED Light Bulbs

LED lighting is extremely popular nowadays due to the number of advantages it provides. Check out the most significant ones!

LED Long Lifespan

One of the crucial advantages of LEDs over traditional lighting is their extended lifespan. The LED bulb price is not that high, and this product will provide you with as much as 50,000-100,000 operating hours, or even more! It means that they can be used 2-4 times longer than the usual fluorescent, metal halide. When compared to an average incandescent bulb, LEDs can work 40 times longer. That is significantly more! As a result, you will save both money and time necessary to change burnt-out bulbs frequently.

Energy Efficiency

Interestingly enough, a LED bulb can turn nearly 70% of its energy into light thanks to its high lumen output per watt. Therefore, it is much more energy-efficient than other kinds of lighting which waste much energy to produce heat. For a comparison, you should know that a 6-watt LED bulb is able to emit as much light as a 40-watt incandescent one.


Thanks to the reduced heat production, it is not only more energy-efficient but also safer to use. With incandescent bulbs, you need to watch out for children not to touch them because they would burn their hands. Moreover, it also happened that they caused fires because of accidental contact with fabrics or other flammable materials.


LED technology is highly appreciated by people who cherish ecological values. It is because they are completely recyclable – if you use such bulbs only, you will lower your carbon footprint by a third. What is more, they do not contain mercury or any other toxic compounds and elements. Apart from that, their long lifespan also contributes to their eco-friendliness because it means that fewer materials and less energy are necessary to produce new bulbs.

Directional Lighting

It is worth keeping in mind that LED bulbs emit light in one direction only, not all around themselves. Hence, it helps to get rid of the problem associated with the light being wasted or trapped within diffusers and reflectors. In this way, more than half of the produced light can be protected from leaving the bulb. Such a quality proves useful in the case of, for example, recessed downlights or task lighting.

LED Light Bulbs FAQ

If you are not familiar enough with LED lighting, you may need some more information before investing your funds in it. For this reason, we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions along with the answers already provided. If after reading them, you will still have some doubts, contact our professional team by email or phone to get all the necessary information on LED products!

1. What Is the Lowest LED Light Bulb?

When we compare bulbs, we usually take into consideration the brightness measured in watts. The truth is, the wattage only reflects the amount of energy necessary to use the bulb. If you want to determine the brightness correctly, you should pay attention to the lumens scale. In order to reduce your electric bills, choose a model with the desired lumens number and the lowest wattage possible. In the case of LED bulbs, the minimum light output in lumens is 0-200, and the minimum wattage is 2-3. When it comes to incandescent bulbs, they use 15 watts for such a level of brightness.

2. Which LED Lights Are Best?

We want our clients to be fully satisfied with the quality of products offered in the Simple Lighting online shop, so we provide you with high-quality LED bulbs. You can choose one from an external producer, such as V-Tac or Samsung, whom we have trusted because of their reputability. Apart from that, you can find many bulbs that come from our own product lines, developed with the use of the latest technologies. If you like innovative solutions, choose the LED bulbs produced by Homeflow – they are so modern that they can be operated with an app on your smartphone!

3. What Is the Colour Temperature of LED Lights?

While looking for a bulb, you would probably consider the choice between a “cool” white and a “warm” white colour. When it comes to LED lighting, is based on the Kelvin system of measure. “Cool,” white light bulbs usually have a colour temperature counting about 4,000 K or even more. On the other hand, “warm” white LED bulbs typically reach 3,000 K or less. The first type is highly advised for offices, kitchens and other rooms where we need sharp lighting, while the second one works excellent in bedrooms or other places where we mostly rest.

4. How Long Do LED Light Bulbs Last?

LED lighting is known for its longevity. Many LED bulbs can work 50,000 hours or more. Compared to more traditional bulbs, they last 8-10 times longer than a regular CFL, and 20-25 times longer than a usual halogen. If LED lighting is used around 8 hours a day, it will not burn out for as long as 17 years! Therefore, it is really worth its price and can help you to save up some money. It is up to you if you prefer to go for the cheapest light bulbs and change them often or invest in a more modern alternative that will work for an amazingly long time.

The Bottom Line

All in all, LED bulbs are excellent products that provide you with safety of use, energy efficiency, longevity, good value for money, and a wide choice of designs. If the practical usage and low price matter to you the most, you may go for the cheapest LED bulbs from our offer. However, if you pay much attention to the design and atmosphere in your room, you can choose fancier models that will make your interior one of a kind. For innovative technology lovers who do not need to buy LED light bulbs cheap, we have prepared Homeflow products. You have probably never heard that LED lighting can be operated with a smartphone app – such a fun feature is definitely worth its price!


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