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Various Types of Chandelier Ceiling Lights Available Online

Chandeliers have occupied pride of place from the time knights roamed the earth. Castles had elaborate Chandeliers and museums have in possession, some of the best Chandeliers in the world, considered equal to works of art. Despite the changes that sweep the décor of interiors across both homes and commercial spaces, Chandeliers will never be replaced. Here is what you need to know about the diverse types of Chandeliers that are available online to meet your requirements.

Traditional Ornate Chandeliers, a throwback to the past era.

Antique style Chandeliers are elegant marvels of design, sporting an average of around 12 bulbs in the designs. The bulbs are generally fashioned like candles with the design aspects of the fitting incorporating reflective beads and crystal droplets that add to the beauty of the room. Accentuate the appeal of your living space with a Traditional Ornate Chandelier and immerse yourself in the beauty of the past.

Simple and Elegant Minimalistic Design.

More in line with contemporary and minimalistic styling, these Chandeliers are usually simple five or six bulb designs.  Generally available in an excellent chrome finish to match modern interiors these Chandeliers Ceiling Lights fit with great ease into most surroundings. Best matched with contemporary styled flooring and furniture, these chandeliers will create an awe-inspiring look and will quickly become a talking point with visitors.

Floral Designs with Gold and Cream Combinations.

As an expression of the persona, a design inspired by floral themes and created with the richness of a gold and cream combo will leave visitors spellbound. Associated with royalty, the gold and cream combination will be most suitable for rooms that portray luxury. The muted hues of the décor in combination with this inspiring floral design will leave guests riveted to the ceiling.

Contemporary Design to match Décor.

Contemporary Design Chandeliers help designers to showcase concepts that are abreast of the design trends. Generally available in crystal glass and/or chrome, these Chandeliers are expressions of contemporary design. Generally available in 24 bulb configurations the reflection from the numerous lights help to create a splendid appearance. These Chandeliers are usually used in Hotels and other large areas.

If you would like any help or advice on choosing the right Chandelier for your space, feel free to call our excellent Customer Service Team on 0151 375 9210 or 0333 443 2465, they are available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. We at Simple Lighting are very proud of our Team, they are very knowledgeable about all aspects of Lighting and they love to help.

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