Understanding LED - How to choose.

Understanding LED Lighting – how to choose

LED Lighting vs CFL - Why is LED lighting better than CFL

LED Lighting vs CFL

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Outdoor Lighting can transform your home

Outdoor lighting doesn’t just make it easier to see friends and family when you’re outdoors. It’s also an affordable way to highlight features in your yard and light up neglected areas. LED lighting is an attractive option because it’s energy efficient and adaptable.

LED outdoor lighting offers complete control of the effect you want to create. You can tuck them into areas that traditional lighting cannot accommodate, because they produce almost no heat.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of LED outdoor lights is their longevity. Since you use your outdoor areas less than your indoor space, you can expect bulbs to last a very long time. How long? Industry standards demand at least 20,000 hours, but many last up to 50,000. That means they’ll last between 18 and 46 years if you use them three hours a day!

Several other features make LED outdoor lighting very appealing. They’re not affected by frequent switching, vibration, or cold and some are also dimmable. They work well in areas powered by battery and they come in a range of colours too. LED bulbs do not burn out quickly either. Instead, they slowly dim. However, they don’t lose their colour tint as they fade, so you maintain the effect you’ve created and have time to buy new bulbs before they extinguish.

Wondering how you can transform your outdoor spaces with lighting? Here are a few ideas to stimulate your imagination.

Light Step Risers

Beautiful effect from decking lightsOutdoor lighting is perfect across the length of each riser. It illuminates the stair and adds drama at little cost. You can choose warm white bulbs to create a welcoming ambiance or colour as a dramatic accent.

Add Drama to Patio Settings

Have you ever been to a nice poolside lounge or nightclub and wondered how the place felt so upscale and inviting with so little in it? It’s probably their lighting!

Designers often add cool blue lights under the seats of sofas; strips of light under the edge of a bar trick, or highlight a potted plant or piece of sculpture with a spotlight. This trick is so simple, but so amazingly effective.

Outdoor Lighting Highlights Features

Outdoor LED lighting

Outdoor LED lighting

LED flexible lighting works well outdoors, because it’s encased in plastic tubing. You can use it to light trees, plants, or water features on your deck or in your yard. The compact design also makes them easy to move if you want to update, without exhaustive requirements. You can also buy colour changing lights and lay them flush in the ground.

Outdoor lighting has never been easier or more affordable than now. Use it to light up a pathway or stairs, a row of trees, or an outstanding plant or just to entice your guests to stay awhile longer. Use a controller to shift lights to suit your mood in up to four zones in your outdoor spaces.

LED offers endless fixture styles including spike lights, bollard lights, lamp posts, spot and floodlights as well as wall, floor and ceiling lights and more. You can view outdoor lighting here. Assistance is always available should you have questions.

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