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The benefits of smart LED lighting

In today’s digitally-focussed world, just about every consumer good lends itself to smart control and systems you’ll find. Smart systems undoubtedly make life easier for us. Lighting, of course, incorporates a number of smart systems which brings benefits such as:

Lighting where and when you need it

Smart lighting systems can be applied to a number of locations, whether it’s a domestic situation in the home, i.e. streaming music throughout the house, or in a commercial warehouse where lighting is automated by sensor technology. The Touch Screen Colour Temperature Remote Control can activate lighting in four zones in the home and you don’t even have to move off the couch to instigate it.


Notable cost savings

Motion sensor lighting, of course, brings cost savings. It means no energy is wasted if you go out the house in the morning without turning the lights off, for instance. Those who are afraid of the dark also appreciate systems such as the PC Motion Sensor High Frequency Luna Bulkhead. These LED lighting options are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and, say the manufacturers, can result in a saving of as much as 40%.

Having some fun

LED lighting is creating a whole lot of creative and fun options for us. Take the Wireless Remote for Colour Changing LED Tape, or instance. It’ll allow you to have an impromptu and fully controllable disco in your own living room or bedroom.

Extending bulb life

LEDs already have an impressive bulb life, but switch to a motion sensor or dimmable system and it’s possible to extend their life even further due to the fact they simply won’t be on as long or, in the case of dimmable lighting, to the same levels of brightness and energy use.

LED lighting certainly continues to surprise the world with its innovative and creative new technologies and systems.

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