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30th October 2015 Comments Off on The Addams Family Valuation Views: 5222 Case studies, Interesting Blog Posts, Just for Fun Lighting Ideas, Kitchen Ideas, Living Area Ideas, Outdoor Lighting ideas

The Addams Family Valuation

The addams family house graphic

Let’s take a closer look at The Addams Family House

It’s Halloween! We’ve been catching up with all our favourite Halloween classics and when we watched The Addams Family, we couldn’t help but think it was about time they called in the experts for an LED switchover….

So many rooms but we had to start somewhere

So many rooms but we had to start somewhere

1. Living room

Living room was the best place to start

Living room was the best place to start

Our first stop was the heart of the home, the living room. Often frequented by the entire family as they sit around the roaring fire. We suggested that the family converted all the bulbs in their existing fittings to LED. The family have the most amazing feature chandelier in their living room that takes up to 10 40W B22 candle incandescent bulbs. This one light fixture could be costing them as much as £12 per month to run!  Changing to LED bulbs means that they will only be spending up to £1.50 per month for their chandelier. The added bonus of this change is the new crystal clear bright light the bulb pumps out; no more need for extra candles around room. Replacing the floor and table lamp bulbs with LEDs would give the living room new life; no more playing the harpsichord by candle light for Lurch and add to the savings.

2. Kitchen

Addams family kitchen

The Addams Family kitchen was in dire need.

Next was the place of all family meals and horrific cooking that could wake the dead; the kitchen. We started by ripping out their decaying pendants, the dodgy wiring and flickering light just wasn’t right for playing with their food. With a new perfectly wired pendant they can see every squirming screaming delight. To add new life to the kitchen under cabinet lights were installed, with the extra LED light illuminating every surface not even the slipperiest of tentacles will escape Mama’s cauldron.

3. Hallway

With so many lights, we just couldn't resist!

With so many lights, we just couldn’t resist!

Out in the hallway there was a lot of lights that needed our attention. The main dominating chandelier holds 16 40W B22 bulbs that end up costing the Addams family up to £20 per month to run. That is before any other lights have been calculated, with one easy change to LED lamps their running costs become as little as £2.30 per month. Not to mention the extended light life that comes with the LED change; Lurch no longer has to stretch himself even more to change those bulbs every week anymore. The Addams family won’t have to carry candles with them as they ascend the staircase with their newly installed plinth lights. Even on the darkest of nights they will be able to see every step as they run towards the ghosts and ghouls.

4. Servants quarters

LEDs even work for those who work for you

LEDs even work for those who work for you

We decided that the lights really needed to work for the entire family, and what better place to have this happen than in the servants quarters. We got rid of the low hanging pendant, for someone as tall as Lurch, it just got in the way. No more bumped heads now with our ceiling spot lights. Cheap and efficient to run, the family can have their lights working for them just as well as Lurch does.

5. Dining room

The addams family train set

We even thought about the chaotic mood in the home

While most eat in their dining room Gomez had claimed this room for his fantastic train set. All traditional lighting for a dining room was thrown out the window with this one. We had to pull focus to the main feature, the train set. With some red LED tape placed around the train set Gomez can play out his frustration with the mood lighting to match. Maniacal laughter will ring out as the LED lights show all the destruction in crystal clarity.

6. Playroom

The addams family playroom

A little playful light even in the darkest room

Wednesday and Pugsley’s playroom was the worst lit room in the entire Addams family house. While fantastic for festering a few homicidal thoughts, with a few lighting changes the little monsters can have even more torturous fun. With a muscle car deco wall light they could stage their own car destruction with devastating effect, not to mention hulk crashing through the wall to join in on their fun. The little horrors of the Addams family will never look back at the darkness with their new fun lighting to stage their own horrific bloody plays with.

7. Conservatory

The addams family plant room

Even the plants bask in LED light

The deathly plant life did not escape the new lighting throughout the home. Even the most carnivorous of plants need light in their lives. With a few carefully placed spike lights the exotic plant life became the true feature of the conservatory. The added bonus was the LED lamps used wont effect the temperature of the room. All those botanical joys the Addams family had collected and cultured for years flourish in all their new lighting glory.

8. Outside

Nowhere escaped our revamping grasp

Nowhere escaped our revamping grasp

As we bid a fond farewell, screaming all the way down the path, we could not forget about the outdoor lighting. Either side of the gate we updated their worn and shattered lanterns with brand new LED lanterns that still suited the overall style of the home. No matter how dark it grew outside the LED light will produce a bright glow lighting up the estate perfectly.


Thanks to us we saved the Addams family will save a whopping £996 per year by updating and changing their lights to LEDs. They could not be happier with their new bright house still filled with the same horrors they have come to love and adore.

Addamns family fester with lightbulb

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