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24th November 2015 Comments Off on Retail lighting to turn browsers to buyers Views: 1787 Commercial, Help & Advice, Interesting Blog Posts, Simple Lighting Blog

Retail lighting to turn browsers to buyers

The biggest shopping season is upon us and everyone is looking for the next best deal, but just how do you attract them to your small shop and your fantastic deals? No matter the outstanding quality your products are or how competitive your prices, without the right retail lighting you are shooting in the dark.

Retail lighting to turn browsers to buyers

Retail lighting can turn those browsers to buyers


Lighting can have a huge effect on attracting and engaging buying customers to your small business. When walking down the high street we pass many different shops; having a little look through the window before we decide to take a step inside.

Research has shown that on average we only spend 7 minutes in any retail space before moving onto another shop. 7 minutes is all it takes for a browser to see a dress and decide whether it is worth seeing closer. This means that those minutes are key in converting browsers into buyers. If you can get them engaged in the products you’re offering around 80% will buy from you.

And this is where retail lighting plays a part. No one will walk into a store that is poorly lit and unwelcoming. Don’t turn your customers away before they have even entered the door this festive buying season.

Functions of retail lighting

There are four main functional uses of lights within a retail environment. Encouragement into your store, transitioning throughout the shop, exploring further aspects of the shop and in the end allowing the customer to find where to pay. Overall you need your retail lighting to attract, engage and convert every customer.

The most important aspect of lighting is the initial attraction because if you cannot bring customers to your shop then you can never convert them into buyers. With the shorter days during the biggest shopping period, from Black Friday all the way up to Christmas, you have to make your shop front stand out. We buy with our eyes first after all, therefore you need to make your products catch the eye of every passing customer.

LEDs have been proven to enhance the visual quality of the items they illuminate. The quality of LED light is greater than that of florescent or halogen lights therefore your customer can truly see the quality of the product they are buying. Bad lighting often discolours the products, everything from meat to clothing can look poor under the wrong lighting. The EHI research institute found that using LEDs for display lighting increased sales by 3.45% which is a significant increase by simply changing the lighting of the shop.

Using LED lights you can make a feature of your shop window and products. While it is cold and dark out on the street using warm white LEDs will make your store look and feel warmer to your customers. No one wants to be wandering around on the cold streets when there is a welcoming warming shop inviting them in to explore the offers. Your customers will believe that your store is much warmer than if lit with cool white light even if your thermostat temperature doesn’t change.

Making features of your products

Now you have the initial warming lure pulling them off of the cold streets and into your store you need to keep them there. This is where the role of shadows come into play to boost your customer’s experience. If everything glistens with the same level of light then nothing stands out. Think about the items that you want to draw the customers focus to. This could be anything from brand new items in to those on sales over the festive season.

To draw their focus onto your chosen items you can use track lighting. The individual lights on the track can be easily repositioned when you move your displays around or simply wish to pull focus to a different product. Track lighting can be provided as spotlights, pendant lights and decorative lamps.

Now while the pendants and decorative lamps may look wonderful they will draw attention away from your products, this is why we recommend the simple and stylish spotlights for track lighting. The lights will illuminate the specific products you aim them towards and effortlessly pull the customers focus where you wish them to be.

Retail lighting to turn browsers to buyers

Colour lighting can improve the retail experience

How colour lighting can improve the retail experience

Once you have created a lovely shopping experience for your customers you can excite them more by using colour lighting. Adding colours to your displays will, if done wisely will make the display and products appear more visually stimulating. There is a lot to be said about the power and psychology of colour and how it can affect your retail sales.

You already know the power that simple warm white light can have on your shop, creating the impression of warmth. You can further this feeling of warmth and comfort by using oranges, reds and yellows in strategic places around the store. Personally we suggest limiting the amount of warming colours throughout your store if your overhead lighting is already warm white. This is because too many warm colours may damage the appearance of your items and make the entire store feel like a hot house. Sometimes too much warmth can be a bad thing.

Different colours can evoke different emotional responses in your customers, some might simply hate a colour due to what memories it can draw up. While this is out of your control, with some thought you can attempt to conjure your own emotions within your buying customers.

With the growing chaos on the high street pink lighting could make your shop feel calm and peaceful. The psychology surrounding the colour pink is well documented, from keeping inmates calm to making the opposition sports team passive and less energetic. So if you are looking for a calming experience for your shoppers then pink lighting is the way to go.

Once you know who you are targeting to increase sales in your store, be it male or female, you can then chose the specific colour lighting for your audience. But no matter what colour you choose your best option, and our expert recommendation is to always choose LED lamps.

So this festive shopping season have customers fighting through your shop door with the perfect display and mood lighting throughout your shop. Your sales will rise and only keep on growing with the use of LEDs throughout your store.



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