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2nd September 2015 Comments Off on How retail LED lighting can help to boost your profits Views: 1657 Commercial, Featured Blog Posts, Help & Advice, How To Guides, Resource, Simple Lighting Blog

How retail LED lighting can help to boost your profits

How retail led lighting can help to boost your profits

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Retail LED Lighting is a big topic these days amongst business owners.

It’s a fact that the use of LED lighting in a retail environment can improve the buying experience for your customers and help to boost your profits.

What benefits are there to using LEDs in the retail sector? It’s a big question!

In our opinion, Retail LED lighting is the only way to go in terms of upgrading or even retrofitting. (These bulbs fit in standard light fixtures with no adaptor necessary)

Let’s start this series of blog’s with one of the main reason you would consider this is cost!

The reason traditional incandescent bulbs get so hot is that the bulb turns up-to 80% of the energy is uses into heat and only uses 20% for light. LEDs on the other hand are the opposite, using around 80% of their energy for light and only losing 20% to heat!

LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting solution and they actually only use between 1/3rd and 1/30th of the electricity that incandescent or CFLs use.

This means that to get the same amount of light from an LED bulb as you would expect from a CFL (Compact Flourescent) or incadescent bulb you would only be using a fraction of the energy and paying a fraction of the cost… Over the lifetime of just one LED bulb this can turn into big savings.

Take a quick glance around your space, how many lights are you currently running? If you decided to make the switch to LEDs, then this could genuinely add up to a huge reduction to your usual electricity bill very, very, quickly!

Savings could also be made from the likes of your air conditioning not having to work as hard, due to not having to dispose of all that extra heat given off by old energy wasting bulbs…

The same principal applies to all retail spaces, from the smallest independent shop or bar or restaurant etc, all the way up to whole shopping centres with thousands and thousands of bulbs. To keep your retail space cool and comfortable will cost you less with LEDs.

Another point to consider is the peace of mind you can gain by knowing that LED bulbs last longer and require less maintenance… The lifespan of an LED bulb, on average, is 50,000 hours compared to 1,200 hours for incandescent and 8,000 hours for compact fluorescents (CFLs). If you think of this in terms of maintenance (buying/changing broken bulbs) then this is another huge saving to be made.

An LED bulb will last on average 6+ times longer than a CFL,  and up to 30+ times longer than a traditional incandescent.

In brief, Retail LED Lighting is Energy efficient, low maintenance and has a longer lifespan than any of the alternatives. This saves you money!


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