What colour LED should I buy?

What Colour LED Should I Buy?

What are Fire Rated Downlights

What are Fire Rated Downlights?

11th May 2018 Comments Off on Garden Lighting Tips & Ideas Views: 3171 Simple Lighting Blog

Garden Lighting Tips & Ideas

When it comes to Garden lighting tips, we have plenty!

For those who put a lot of work and love into their garden, the idea of leaving it as soon as the sun starts to set is just not good enough. If you want to enjoy your garden, whether for a relaxing evening alone, to socialise with friends and family, or to make it more navigable at night, lighting is crucial. Here are a few ideas on how you can light it.

Mimicking natural light

The garden is the most natural space in the home, where you can enjoy the benefits of nature and relax the hours away. If you want to maintain that zen den, then the best choice of lighting might be those options that help you mimic natural light. Lighting the garden from above with lantern lights or recessed and ceiling lights can help you maintain the same natural glow you get during the day to an extent.

Creating more practical spaces

If you’re creating an outdoor dining or social space, then you want to focus on lighting where it’s most practical. For decking or gazebos, decking lights can create an ambient glow that keeps your usable outdoor space well-lit without wasting energy on lighting spaces that you’re not using. Spotlights and garden spike lights offer you even more control, allowing you to aim exactly where you want that greater visibility.

garden lighting tips

A Well Lit Deck and Canopy

Ensuring safety in the garden

If you have a large garden that you and your family regularly have to navigate, then seeing where you’re going is important. You don’t want to trip on a step or into a meticulously crafted flower bed, after all. Outdoor wall lights can create an overall greater visibility closer to the home, while walkover lights highlight the areas where it’s safer to walk in the middle of the night. Again, decking lights can be useful, by specifically outlining where the edge of the decking is so that anyone in the garden is less likely to miss their step.

Setting the mood With Simple Garden Lighting Tips

Practicality is king in outdoor lighting, but it’s not all there is. Spotlights and walkover lights might be more minimalist, but if you want to create an outdoor space with a little more style, there are more elaborate designs to enjoy, too. Lantern lights on the wall can create an intimate, warm feeling for an outdoor dining area, for instance. Meanwhile, lamppost lights offer plenty of visibility from above, but with elegant, traditional glass lenses mixed with a more contemporary black steel finish. Lighting can be for fun, as well as for practicality, so feel free to mix and match styles throughout the garden.

Which lighting you choose is all down to what you want from your garden. Are you trying to create the perfect outdoor dining spot? Perhaps you want a garden you can party in until well after sunset? Or do you want to maximise safety and visibility throughout? At Simple Lighting, we have a variety of decorative lights, lantern lights, recessed lights, decking lights and more to help you create the garden of your dreams.

If you need any more garden lighting tips, why not give us a call or send us a email.

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