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Case Study: Immersive Interactive

LED lighting in classrooms is the latest innovative way of using LED Strip lights. Immersive Interactive are the UK’s leading experts in immersive classrooms within primary, secondary and special needs education. Using Simple Lighting RGB Colour Changing LED tape, Immersive Interactive create a multi-sensory environment and their engaging content and vast experience provides the most innovative learning spaces.

Primary Education

Visual Fun Learning Through Key Stages 1 & 2
Immersive learning environments enrich the learning experience across key stages 1 & 2, helping young pupils develop core skills in reading, writing and speech. With a large variety of content and ways to interact, pupils can experience a multitude of lessons presented in an engaging and stimulating way.

LED Tape
LED Tape

Secondary Education

Accelerated Learning Through Key Stages 3 & 4
Pupils can also take charge of creating their own content, which inspires creative thinking, group problem solving and shared learning, whilst reducing boredom by engaging pupils on a whole new level.

Rich content for all ages and abilities

Not everyone learns best from a textbook. Immersive learning environments bring a rich, dynamic, multi-sensory experience to any space in your secondary school.

LED Tape
LED Tape

Special Needs

Immersive Spaces – Special Needs Education
The next generation of sensory room-inclusive learning for all abilities. Fully immersive and interactive environments have so much more to offer than traditional sensory rooms. Flexible spaces can provide a range of environments for students of all ages and abilities to learn and enjoy. Calming and relaxing scenes can be replaced by stimulating, interactive scenarios that can be controlled in a variety of ways, making it perfect for all abilities.

  • Multi-sensory – sights, sounds, visuals, scents, touch.
  • Use multiple gestures to interact the with environment.
  • Stimulating, engaging or calming environments.

A calming yet stimulating experience using game playing to promote gentle activity that supports physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

LED Tape

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