The parent’s guide to firework safety

The parent’s guide to firework safety

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3 night light ideas to help your child sleep

Every kid has an active imagination, playing games and telling stories all day, but when it comes to bed time that imagination can cause a problem. Night time for any parent is a struggle; they don’t want to settle, so they run around, kick up a fuss because they want to play and talk, and not sleep. Then when you do finally get them to their own room they don’t settle for long. Climbing out of their bed to find out where Mummy and Daddy have gone, or even climbing into your bed for comfort. It’s something every parent battles, thinking it will never end.

Childs night light eases kid to sleep

Ease your child to sleep with their own night light

Look through your child’s eyes. Winter is creeping in, it’s cold and dark outside. That imagination has no off switch and they are left in darkness as you wish them to just settle and sleep. Every little sound is something coming out of the darkness to get them. It’s no wonder they go running for the comfort that only a parent can bring. Their own personal hero.

The popular solution is to buy a night light that plugs into the nearest wall socket. These can get hot when left on overnight and the last thing you want is your curious little one to burn themselves. Even when they’re not switched on they can be an inconvenience. Rushing around picking up all your kid’s toys the night light can be knocked and damaged. Not to mention that the bigger ones can cover a much needed plug socket.

LED Tape

There are so many ways that LED tape can be used in a child’s bedroom as a wonderful calming night light.

All of our LED tape has a high grade adhesive on the back, meaning that there is no screws, drilling or excessive DIY needed to install it. As an added bonus our LED tape can be cut to size for you and your requirements. This means that no matter your DIY skill level you can be sure your child has the perfect LED tape night light. There is no mess to clean up after, just switch on and let your toddler enjoy the calming glow as they drift off to sleep.

One of the main problems with getting your child to settle is the hyperactivity of the day. We all know the famous cries of “I’m not tired….” with a plea to stay up talking about their day and things to come. We suggest using a warm white light to ease your little ones off to sleep.  This is because it has been seen to have calming properties due to the association with natural warmth. So even when its cold outside a warm white light will make your child feel safe, secure and comforted all to lull them off to sleep.

Installing the LED tape under the edge of the bedframe means that the light will not be directed into their eyes, so won’t disturb their sleep. But, if they do wake the LED light will cast enough glow to let them go the bathroom without crying out for your help. This means that it doesn’t become a game of “let’s get mummy” every time they want attention.

With the imagination of a young child, the tape’s glow will make the bed look like their own personal spacecraft, hovering ready to go to dreamland. Such a simple lighting idea can bring the fun back to bedtime and show them that there is nothing to fear.

Another use for LED tape is to make your child their own personal DIY night light. It needn’t cost a fortune or take forever to create, then your child can have something personal to them. Having that one thing in their room created just for them could persuade them to stay and enjoy the light in their room. Create their favourite things, from butterflies and flowers to robots and rockets with our amazing guide.

The added bonus of using LED tape as a night light in your child’s bedroom is that LEDs don’t let off any heat and the tape can be hidden/recessed within the room so there is nothing for them to grab hold of, destroy or hurt themselves. With a life much longer than traditional lights, even those used in night lights, you can rest assured that no matter how long their night time fears last they will be bathed in protective LED light.

Childs night light brings fun back to night time

Bring the fun back to night time with a night light

Plinth lights

Plinth lights are for kitchens, right? Wrong. And they can make fantastic night lights for your child’s bedroom.

The plinth lights can be placed within the skirting boards wherever you choose in your child’s room. The small light casts out enough of a glow to see around the room without tripping over those stray toys. There is nothing worse than waking a sleeping child after all.

There are a large variety of plinth lights to choose from in different styles, shapes and even light colour. So you can pick a light that suits your child even as they grow up without having to change the style all the time. No matter how big they grow, no matter the new hobbies or fascinations they find the plinth lights will light up their night times.

3D Deco Wall Lights

Why stick a lamp to the wall that only does one job? Sure it brings light to your child’s room through the night, but in the day it’s just another lamp. Why not bring the fun back to the darkness with a cool 3D deco wall light?

They can have their hero always watching over them, comforting as they sleep. They never have to fear as they know they have their every own protector. From Spiderman to The Avengers, they won’t have to worry about monsters in the dark.

The soft comforting glow from the deco lights will persuade your child to stay in their bed by coming from one of their favourite characters. A light designed specifically for them. Mummy and Daddy just have boring lights after all.

There are so many different ways to give your child the night light they will love and the comfort they need. With our choices there is no need to leave the bathroom door open, hoping the bright light doesn’t disturb them too much. Simply switch on the night light for the perfect level of comforting light to lift them off into dream land.

So banish the darkness in your child room and being fun and happiness back to night time with our night light solutions.


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