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DIY Tutorial: LED Tape Butterfly Night Light

16th April 2015 Comments (1) Views: 23086 Simple Lighting Blog

What’s the use of LED tape?

One of the most popular items in the Simple Lighting catalogue is our LED tape. The versatile, high quality tape is available in a variety of options (single colour, RGB colour changing, IP65 rated waterproof and more).

The possible uses for the LED tape lights are limited only by your own imagination. Based on feedback and photos we’ve received from our customers we’ve put together some useful suggestions for your next lighting project.

The first thing to keep in mind with the LED tape is that it’s simple to install. How simple? It has high grade 3M adhesive tape along the back which you peel and stick. No screws, drilling or DIY required, just peel and stick. It can be wired into your mains supply and a switch or powered through a transformer going into a 3 pin plug socket.

All our LED kits are available cut and pre-soldered in our warehouse ready for installation.


Practising what we preach, we’ve got LED tape above our cutting table.


Manuel, our tape assembly technician preparing a bespoke order.


As mentioned in a previous post  LED tape makes an excellent addition to a flatscreen TV. This option is so popular the TV kits are custom built to order and have a fantastic effect when installed.



Under cabinet lighting is a very easy to install and effective use of LED tape. It can be wired in with the same switch as the main ceiling lights. If you wish you can set it into a different switch allowing just the work surfaces to be lit creating a great light effect. Although colour changing is an option, for functional areas like a kitchen work surface, cool white LED would be a great colour choice.


Installation is easy and the finished effect is stunning.

Kitchen Warm White

LED tape can be used as an easy to install alternative to plinth lights around the kitchen.





Bookshelves can benefit from subtle LED light tape hidden away to create an amazing light effect.



If you have a ceiling cove in your living room, LED tape can be installed above or below to create a great light effect.



And if you don’t have a ceiling cove in your living room but like the idea, you can install one easily and inexpensively.


The LED ceiling coving can be installed around a room with minimal DIY work


The LED tape in place creates an exceptional effect in the ceiling coving.


IP65 rated waterproof LED tape can be used in your bathroom to create a refreshing light in the shower or under your bathroom mirror.




The IP65 rated LED tape is also suitable for outdoor use and given it’s flexible, it can be built around your individual requirements.


20150325_160746 20150325_232145

It can even be used as a step light.


From these examples it’s easy to see how versatile a lighting solution LED tape is and how it can be used to great effect in nearly any area of your home.

As with any electric installation, if you decide to wire LED tape into your mains supply, make sure you get professional advice or help before you start.

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  1. Bobby Williams says:

    Brilliant ideas!! I already have a mini light show in my bedroom all year round, highlighting various corners and windows…see the light not the bulb !!