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Various Types of Commercial LED Tubes Available Online

Regardless of the different models of lighting that have swamped markets, tubes have never lost their right to shine and illuminate homes and commercial spaces. This is because of the simplicity and elegance of a tube. Changes in technology have brought out different models of tubes, but have never phased out the tubes; rather emerging technology has been harnessed to improve existing tube designs. Profiled herein are some of the different types of commercial LED tubes that are available online.

Collapsible tripod mounted tubes

Intended to offer lighting on an emergency basis in areas that have not lighting facility, this is a safe and quick install. Mounted on a tripod that is collapsible, for greater mobility all that is required is to open out the tripod and plug in the twelve feet of cable to a power source. This model is ideally meant to light up areas that do not have lighting, or in large gatherings where additional lighting arrangements need to be made aesthetically.

Pendant LED tubes

The suspended models of LED tubes offer greater illumination in commercial spaces with increased ceiling height.  Office spaces and assembly lines may require better illumination for greater productivity. However, such spaces may also demand higher ceiling height and the only option is pendant LED tubes. These overhanging models come with a five-year warranty and offer lumens bright enough to see the minutest detail without straining eyes. The advantage of LED lights is the absence of heat, due to the technology behind it, making it a wonderful lighting option in commercial spaces and offices.

Batten fitting LED tubes

LED tubes fit into conventional batten fittings, eliminating the need for replacement of fittings. This is a versatile and entry level LED fitting that gives the benefit of LED lighting without the need for a total replacement of the fitting or the wiring. LED lights are great cost cutters, slashing lighting bills by almost 75% making it a wise choice. The switch to LED lighting from existing conventional fittings is easier through batten fitting LED tubes, saving on time, and wiring that may sometimes mar surfaces.

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