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11th September 2014 Comments Off on Top tips for installing and wiring LED lights – Part Two Views: 1373 Help & Advice

Top tips for installing and wiring LED lights – Part Two

In part one of our handy guide for installing and wiring LED lights, we looked at how to install LED tape. This time, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about customising your LED lights.

Creating a circuit

The first thing you need to do when customising your LED lighting system is create a circuit.

When putting together a circuit, it’s important to remember that LEDs run on a very small current (much lower than your household electrical supply), so you need to regulate your current flow of electricity using a resistor.

If your LED lighting doesn’t already come complete with a resistor, you can buy one separately. At Simple Lighting, we stock a wide range of LED Tape Accessories.

Connecting the LED light, resistor and switch

Once you’ve created your circuit, it’s time to connect it all together.

First, connect the LED light and resistor to a switch, using a soldering iron. Solder the resistor to the LED light’s positive wire.

(TOP TIP: The easiest way to correctly connect the wires is to think in opposites: i.e. attach the positive LED wire to the negative resistor wire.)

Next, connect the remaining resistor wire to the switch, soldering it together with a piece of copper wire.

Power up

Once you’ve finished soldering the resistors to the switch, it’s time to connect it to a battery or other power supply. Remember to connect the switch to the positive (+) side of your power supply.

Finally, all that’s left to do is connect the second wire in your LED light to the power supply and your custom LED lighting project is ready to go.

Expert advice from Simple Lighting

We hope you have found this guide for installing and wiring LED lighting useful. Remember, if you need any help or advice when it comes to your LED lighting project, the Simple Lighting team here are always happy to help.

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