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The simple guide to LED aquarium lighting

It used to be enough to light your aquarium with fluorescent or metal halide systems but aquarium lighting has changed over the years. Now the only way to successfully look after your aquarium properly is to have LED aquarium lighting. There are so many benefits to making this upgrade that it just makes sense.

The simple guide to LED aquarium lighting

LED aquarium lighting really can improve your fish’s lives

 There are many different types of aquariums that you can have in your home, and in so many different sizes. However, from just fish with plastic plant life, to saltwater or freshwater aquariums there is an LED lighting system perfect for the job.

The main reason that you should change to LED lights, is the actual benefit they can have on your chosen fish and plant life. This is by far the most important reason to switch, to support and improve the life of your entire tank eco-system.

The first and most noticeable benefit to your tank life is that the LED aquarium lighting produces little sound. When using the smaller LED lights for your tank, there is no fan within them so there is no sound that could distress your fish. Even with the larger versions of our Star Light aquarium lights that do have fans, the noise is at a minimum. With the noise from these lights little to none at all, there is no chance that your fish will become disturbed or distressed by the LED lights. For those more exotic fish and plants the water temperature is everything; the slightest degree change could harm your fish, and that’s not something you want. This is the benefit of using LED lighting they produce no heat when in use, no matter how long they are used for. This means that the water temperature, which should be carefully monitored via the heater, will no longer be affected by the heat from your aquarium lights. In the long run this could help further support the life of your aquatics as the heat of the water can be perfectly controlled at all times.

The third and final benefit for your fish and chosen plant life when you change to LED lights is that your plants, will blossom and grow under the nurturing light. The LED aquarium lighting simulates, as close as possible, natural daylight in an underwater environment. This means that your fish and plant life will be a lot happier and flourish under their new lighting and become a practically self-sustaining eco-system.  When it comes to your coral it often needs more care than most plants. In the past if you had an instant bright light in your tank your coral ended up suffering, becoming bleached and brittle, ending its life sooner and costing you a fortune to constantly replace. LED aquarium lighting allows you to maximise the growth of your coral by treating them with appropriate lighting. LED aquarium lights can be controlled easily so that there is no surprising bright light to harm your aquatic life in any way.

The simple guide to LED aquarium lighting

Coral can benefit from the glow of LED aquarium lights.

When buying LED aquarium lights, even though they have a white light they can also contain other light colours such as blue and purple. This is because your tank will need daylight and moonlight in order to simulate the fish’s natural habitat to make them feel at home within their new environment. In the past you had to have a daylight and a moonlight bulb to simulate this effect, but the LED modules that you can now use in your aquarium have the facility to do both variations of light with no hassle at all. This is because your every lighting need for your tank is incorporated within one unit that is easy to install and use.

You no longer have to plunge your aquarium into instant darkness or blind them with light every time you need to change from one bulb to another. To make the change from daylight to moonlight even easier we suggest using a light with a personalised programmable lighting system. This means that everything can be automated within the light itself, with no need for additional timers, wires or even faffing. Star Light aquarium lighting can come with the standard default colour changing programs, but they also have the option for you to personalise the lighting to suit your aquarium’s needs. You can automatically program specific sunrise and sunset times for your tank, which will suit your aquatic life perfectly. This option means that if you have any aquatic life that needs specific lighting arrangements, you can ensure that they are met flawlessly. If you do choose to personalise the lighting programs all you have to do is save your chosen lighting program onto an SD card and insert it into your Star-Light unit. It really is that simple, once inserted it will automatically run your chosen lighting program.

The simple guide to LED aquarium lighting

Improve your entire tank with easy to install LED aquarium lights

Now we have seen that LED units can do all your old lights can and more, we can tackle the next step and often the most important one: price.

It should come as no big surprise that LED aquarium lights seem a little more expensive. There is no doubt that we would all like a little more money in our pockets and a stunning aquarium with amazing colours and lighting but only half of the dream is possible at once. Or is it? LED lights may be expensive in the first instance when having to replace all you old aquarium lighting. However, they statistically have a longer life and are more energy efficient than the older lights you have been using. This means that you won’t be needing to replace the bulb every few months when it burns out, LED lights have a life of several years, when looked after properly. Also, you won’t be spending as much electricity to light your aquarium 24/7 which is a drastic saving in the long run.

Our chosen Star Light aquarium lighting are perfect for your home aquarium to ensure the perfect aesthetics, personalisation and even the longevity of your aquatic life. These lights come in various sizes and are suitable for aquariums up to 150cm therefore you can have perfect LED light that can actually enhance and benefit your chosen aquatic life. For us they are the ultimate aquarium range as they take into account the natural marine environments and natural light. For aquarium lighting, LEDs just make sense.

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