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20th May 2015 Comments Off on The Incredible LED Transformation of a Leading Hair Salon Views: 3749 Case studies, Commercial, Simple Lighting Blog

The Incredible LED Transformation of a Leading Hair Salon

Our friend, award winning electrician Karen Boom of She’s Electric, was recently contracted by Toni & Guy of Brentwood, Essex, for an exciting LED transformation. She was asked to replace their fluorescent and halogen lights. Karen opted to use LED tape and she’s done an amazing job. She was even kind enough to send over some before and after photos and answer some questions about the project.

Before and After

Karen Boom: She’s Electric 

Q. What were the product(s) used?

A. LED Single Colour Tape

Q. Why did you choose LED tape?

A. I used the LED tape for a number of reasons:

  • The light emitted is always clean and continuous.
  • There are never any dark spots.
  • The light is constant and instant on.
  • The lumen output does not decrease over time as Halogen or Fluorescent does.
  • The tape is flexible which allows me to bend it round corners and over obstacles.
  • Once in position it is virtually invisible if it’s fitted in the correct way.

Before and After

Q. How did you come across Simple Lighting?

A. I found Simple Lighting on the internet.  The prices were keen and the fact that they offer a bespoke cut to measure service fits perfectly with the kind of work that I do.

Q. Was the product custom fit?

A. Yes.

Q. Where are you based?

A. Billericay in Essex.

Q. How popular is this particular product? Do you find a lot of businesses use this?

A. The product is extremely popular as it can be used in so many applications and circumstances.  I also fit a lot of IP rated tape and Colour Changing RGB tape.  I have never had a client who has not been hugely impressed with the product.

Before and After

The lamps that were taken out of the fittings were halogen. Karen explained to us that all the lamps were different wattages and varying colour temperatures which made a real mess of the quality of the display and the electronics. The lamps had cost a small fortune in replacement costs over the years and a lot of wasted time given the cabinets take a long time to dismantle every time a halogen tube blew. The LED tape she installed will last for years before anybody needs to get in there to replace it.
Before and After

The photos really do speak for themselves. By moving over from halogen tubes to LED tape the lighting in this salon is now a refreshing cool white with no dark spots that were left between the halogen lamps. The whole salon now has a very professional, cool lighting scheme that looks stunning and will cost dramatically less in energy bills. Nice work, Karen.

Before and After


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