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Real house, real savings

Autumn and winter are known for increased electric bills. The dark nights have come again and now more than ever we are using our home lighting throughout our short days. We wake up in darkness, turning on the bedroom light so we don’t stumble around finding our clothes for the day and when we finally get home all the lights come on again. What if we told you that you could lower your bill this autumn?


Well with one simple change of course. Switching your to LED ones. It’s such a simple change but really can save you money, practically as soon as you install them. Don’t believe us? Well let’s have a closer look.

Real house, real savings

With simple changes you can have real savings

A typical two up two down house will have 5 main light sources, no doubt ran on 60w incandescent bulbs, which can cost up to £10 per month to run. Now just imagine when you add in all the other lamps and lighting you have around your home, not to mention the other electrical appliances you have running like the fridge and freezer. With the shorter days, the days of seemingly endless light are a thing of the past. Now as soon as you get home you’re having to switch on lights to see your way.

The same 5 lights when replaced with 6w LEDs only end up costing up to £2 a month. Now that is a huge saving of around £8 a month. That’s just changing your main lighting in each room, the saving will continue if you change every bulb in your home to LED. The more you change, the more you save.

Now while £8 a month doesn’t seem like a lot it soon builds up over the year to a massive saving of nearly £100. So in a couple of months you will have enough for that family holiday you have been waiting for or even just an extra special Christmas this year.

You will have seen the price of an LED bulb and know that they can run slightly more expensive than the bulbs you are used to. To replace your 5 main lights with 6w LEDs can cost around £25 compared to the possible £10 for 60w incandescent bulbs, but that shouldn’t put you off buying them.


Real house, real savings

LED Vs Incandescent

The standard life of an LED bulb can be up to 50,000 hours which can, depending on usage, last over 10 years. However, the standard incandescent bulb only has a life up to 2,000 hours which means each bulb will need changing every few of months. Now let’s look at the financial cost this brings to your home.

If you had to change all the incandescent bulbs within your home every time they blew, even with the cheapest like for like replacements, it can cost up to £60 a year. That’s just to replace the five main lights within your home. It all adds up when you include the cost to run them, especially in the winter.

However, after the initial cost of replacing your bulbs with LEDs you will most likely not have to replace them for around 5 years, which drastically cuts your maintenance costs. Imagine not having to burn your fingers every couple of months, LEDs don’t conduct heat, as you climb up to change that bulb once again.

So it just makes sense, especially with the dark nights closing in, to switch to LEDs within your home and relish within the financial savings that the change can bring.

Is your house slightly bigger than a two up two down? Then we have thought about you too. Watch our video to see just how much you could save when switching this autumn.

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