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Pop-up sockets – your nifty little power outlets

There are few things as handy as a pop-up plug socket. Right now our Kitchen Worktop Pop Up Plug Socket – which includes two handy USB connections – is available on a special offer for a limited period. Want to know more? Well, here’s how this nifty little device works.

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You can choose a pop-up socket plug socket to match both the colour and style of your kitchen worktop. Our Kitchen Worktop pop-up plug socket is currently available in satin Chrome or Black, with the former good for lighter work tops and the latter for dark wood or dark grey flecked, etc. Not only does the pop-up plug socket do away with the need for unattractive and conventional wall mounted plug sockets and wiring but, when not in use, it’s simply hidden away into the worktop – keeping your kitchen space uncluttered and smart.


Use your latest electronic gourmet device at the same time as your kids charge their Smartphone and your partner catches up with a work project on his laptop. Then again you could be preparing veg while listening to your favourite iPod tunes and chatting with overseas friends via Skype – and all at your kitchen island. In other words, by installing the kitchen worktop pop-up plug socket, you can effectively transform your kitchen into a hub of electronic activity. And that’s without having to worry about the whereabouts of electrical wiring.

The Simple Lighting kitchen worktop pop-up plug socket has a handy three-socket and two-USB design. Its multiple outlets mean it is particularly handy for large families. At the same time it’s also an excellent space saving tool for small kitchens since it can simply be popped back down when not in use.

Why not take a look today? If you’ve any questions about installation then feel free to speak to one of our team. We’re happy to give you advice over the phone or via email, whatever suits you.

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