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7th December 2018 Comments Off on Our Top Tips For Cosy Winter Lighting Views: 962 Inspiration, Just for Fun Lighting Ideas, Simple Lighting Blog

Our Top Tips For Cosy Winter Lighting

With the winter period now in full swing, creating a cosy living space for the whole family to enjoy is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Mastering the concept of winter lighting is undoubtedly one of the very best ways to achieve that goal.

Here are seven simple suggestions that will turn your home from bland to grand for a warm and comforting winter period.

Choose the right light bulbs

Irrespective of the fixtures and fittings, the choice of light bulbs will have a huge influence on the aesthetic and overall atmosphere of the room, particularly through the winter months. Anything under 2,700 K will provide a golden glow while anything over should be a white glow. Of course, there is the option to try different coloured bulbs too. Oranges, blues, and purples are all ideal.

Invest in sconces

Sconces on the walls scream winter, and they can be used to brighten up living rooms, hallways, and external spaces. This is a particularly popular solution for above the bed or to the side of a bathroom mirror too. They are an inexpensive addition that can transform the entire room.

Use touch lamps and dimmer switches

Given that the winter evenings draw in so early, you’ll probably have the lights on quite early. Therefore, giving yourself a greater sense of control should be a priority. Dimmer switches are the perfect solution as they give you increased versatility. Touch lamps with multiple brightness settings can have a similar impact and will create a far cosier environment for the entire household.

Embrace the festive lights

The festive season is the perfect time to use string lights for decorative purposes. While you’re not going to use these throughout the summer months, they can be used throughout the winter for a soft addition of added light. Whether flickered or solid, this will take the cosy vibes to another level.

Festive lights with string lighting

Utilise lampshades

Lampshades have the ability to reduce the harshness of the light, cover the unattractive bulbs, and aid the room’s general colour scheme. Fabric lampshades are a particular favourite for the winter period. If nothing else, achieving the more even distribution of light rather than the spotlight effect is sure to work wonders for the atmosphere throughout the colder months.

Go old school

Lighting doesn’t have to come from light fixtures and lamps. Candles can be used to create cosy and romantic settings with minimal fuss. If safety is a concern, you can opt for LED candles instead, which lets you choose various colour settings at the click of a button too.

Add low light sources

A little light can go a long way on those long evenings. While dimmer switches help, opting for recessed or hidden lighting can work wonders. Use your shelves, cabinets, flooring, and walls to create an atmosphere that your entire family will love. The gentle warmth can add the finishing touches that are sure to give your home the winter tones that you desire.

Finally, remember to use a waste management company to remove all waste responsibly when you are finished with your home renovation.

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