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LED Decking Lights – A Few Features and Uses

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The experience of watching television has undergone a change so dramatic that viewing has acquired an altogether new dimension. With crystal clear clarity, and high fidelity, television can offer a wonderful viewing experience as the frontiers of television technology are pushed to incredible limits including the last bastion of 3D telecast. With the right TV in place, it all boils down to the ambience surrounding the TV, for a better experience. Lighting and seating are two of the most important considerations apart from the TV itself. LED TV backlight kits offer the right ambience to recreate a movie hall experience, and an overview of the kits are detailed below

Create stunning visual backgrounds to enhance the effects on television

Against the backdrop of a large TV stand, the effect of a deeply frightening horror movie or sci-fi thriller may get diluted, robbing the viewers of ultimate pleasure. With LED TV backlights, it is possible to create a subtle background effect that will help viewers to focus better on the screen for greater contrast and effect. Contrast is the spice of viewing and LED TV backlights offer the right contrast with dimming options and a choice of programmed or remotely operated colour changes in backlight for greater effect.

Unboxing the kit of accessories

The kit includes strips of LED backlight, LED driver, remote control and receiver. These four components combine to create stunning visual effects that greatly enhance the quality of television viewing. Depending on the requirement, users get to choose between a two LED strip pack and a four LED strip pack. The two-strip pack would offer subtle backlights, while the four strip packs would bathe the walls or area behind the television with light of the chosen colour. The spacing of the LED lights within the strips is also determined by the cascading effects desired. For greater effects, strips with more lights per strip are chosen, while strips with lesser lights are chosen for average effects. The driver or the transformer converts alternating currents of high voltage to direct current of lower voltage to directly power the diodes. The remote permits the user to control the sequence of colour change as and when desired to go with the mood portrayed on screen.

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