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9th June 2017 Comments Off on Major Applications of Aluminium LED Profiles Views: 971 Simple Lighting Blog

Major Applications of Aluminium LED Profiles

LED tape installed within an Aluminium LED Profile gives a furnished look when compared to other options.  Aluminium Profiles offer superior support and safety to the LED tape, protecting the tape from moisture, dust and other debris.  Another plus is that the plastic cover of the profile can diffuse the light from the LED Tape so that the individual spots can’t be seen.  Lighting can really elevate spaces and façades of buildings.  Outlined below are a few applications of aluminium LED Profiles.

Recessed and Surface Mounted Profiles.

Aluminium Profiles come in two types – Surface Mounted and Recessed. Depending on the intended use, one of the two options can be chosen. For instance, if ceiling lighting is required, a Recessed Profile would be the ideal choice. Similarly, furniture that requires lighting effects would be served well with Recessed lighting. However, Surface Mounted Profiles can also be used with close results on both ceilings and furniture. A Surface Mounted Profile will sit on top of something, a Recessed Profile will be built or sunken in.

The right kind of lighting for public spaces.

The Aluminium LED Profiles also find major applications in public spaces. Roadways, bridges, pathways and landscape are often perfectly lit with LED Tape and Aluminium LED Profiles. The lights are protected from the vagaries of nature while offering the desired amount and kind of lighting to the designated area. LED Tape with LED Profiles are often also found in commercial indoor applications in car parks, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, entertainment and sports venues and lots more. The anodised finish offers maximum protection against the elements, and is resistant to corrosion, built perfectly for rough indoor and outdoor usage. 

Edge lighting requirements.

Edge Aluminium LED Profiles are designed in such a way to directly mount in any 45 degree corner to provide superior lighting for a variety of applications.

Variations in Aluminium LED Profiles to meet your requirements.

Our Profiles have subtle variations in the designs to meet specific requirements.  EG. Deep surface, shallow recessed, deep recessed, tube surface, thin surface and corner are just a few of our LED Profile designs. Matching End Caps designed with high grade plastic and are also available in a silver anodised finish which supplements the look and design of the aluminium Profiles.

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