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19th February 2015 Comments Off on Where’s the best place to buy lightbulbs? Specialist seller or high street? Views: 1612 Simple Lighting Blog

Where’s the best place to buy lightbulbs? Specialist seller or high street?

When your kitchen lightbulbs blow, it’s easy to simply grab a replacement the next time you’re at the supermarket or click “add to cart” when ordering your next grocery delivery. The thinking of “It’s my discount supermarket, of course it’s going to be cheaper than a specialist. Surely I’m getting a better deal picking up my light from the supermarket” takes over.

However, armed with the right information and the ability to make an informed choice, you may find doing business with a specialist might be the more prudent choice. Why?

Well, currently on our retail site we have a GU10 fitting 4 watt LED bulb available in either cool white or warm white at a cost of £2.99. The cool white option will put out 390 lumens of light and be an energising light for a functional area like a kitchen or bathroom. The warm white option will give you 350 lumens of light and provide a relaxing yellow tinged lights well suited to a living room or bedroom.

Checking on a number of supermarket retail sites, their equivalent own brand product varies in price from £5 – £8 for a bulb without the Cool or Warm white options. These bulbs puts out between 330-350 lumens of light and uses between 5 and 7 watts of power, one store even offers a 3 for £12 discount which is still more expensive than our higher quality, more energy efficient LED bulb.

So a simple check of the facts shows you can potentially pay up to £5 over the odds for a lower quality bulb. You’ll be unsure what style of lighting it’s going to give out or what room it’s appropriate for that will cost you more in energy to run and will most likely will need replacing sooner.

Still not convinced?

Specialists are just that, we take pride in knowing our products inside and out. If you want an honest chat about your lighting requirements and how you can get the best deal for them, give us a call, you can email us here or live chat with one of our team through our website. Unlike supermarket staff who have a basic understanding of the lighting technologies they provide (alongside soft drinks, pot noodles, bottles of wine and cat food) our specialists really specialise in lighting. They can readily advise on anything from LED replacement bulbs to an outdoor lighting solution for your garden and are happy to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you’re happy.

Need some advice with your lighting? Give us a call…

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