Lighting controls have significantly advanced since the invention of the first light bulb. Now, you’ll be able to create an adaptable lighting plan that’s more energy-efficient, functional, and visually pleasing. So, if you’re still hung up with the old on/off light switch that you see in your grandma’s house, then you need to update yourself because you’re missing out on a lot!

Thanks to the intelligent minds who continued to develop technology, the lights that we know today have taken a leap from simply illuminating to dimming and colour-changing! Because of that, if you don’t match your controls with the ability of your lights, it’ll be a total waste. A dimmable bulb cannot be dimmed by a regular switch. Similarly, a colour-changing LED smart bulb cannot switch between thousands of colours if you don’t have the means to make it transition. Think of it this way, a program cannot function without a command. So, if the only order you can feed your lights is on and off, that’s the only function you’ll see!

There are many lighting controls that you can find, and they can be confusing and complicated if you don’t know the basics. So, to help you out with advancing your lighting plan to a better and up-to-date system, we compiled the best controls that you can find in the market!

What are the different lighting controls?

Lighting controls can vary from the simplest (on/off, dim/brighten) to the most complex (colour-changing, setting memory, smart functions). It can make your lights more exciting and help you lower your energy consumption, saving you a lot of cash in the long run! So, if you’re ready for this, here are some types that you need to know.

Basic Light Switch

This control consists of the usual on/off switch. Although it’s not that impressive, it still allows you to save money on your electrical bills. Imagine living in a home without a basic light switch, your lights would be on 24/7. It would be terrible! Your bills will skyrocket since your lights are running nonstop and you cannot have a relaxing dim environment to relax! These control may be the basics but they’ve stuck with us for a long time since they’re useful.

Dimmer Switch

This control is a slight upgrade from the basic light switch. Dimmer switches allow you to customise the brightness level of your lights to suit your needs. Not only will you be able to achieve the ambience that you want, but dimmers will enable you to be more energy-efficient compared to a light switch that’s either entirely off or fully on. If you combine it with LEDs, you’ll notice more considerable savings in your expenses than you would by using a non-LED bulb and a standard light switch.

Motion Sensors

This control is often applied for security and utility lighting. The light turns on when it detects movement and turns off after a while. Motion sensors are perfect for under cabinet lights in the kitchen, especially when you’re kneading the dough and need extra brightness. Also, they are helpful in the stairs and hallways in the evening. When you make your way to the bathroom, your path will instantly be illuminated, and when you’re back in your bed, it will switch off automatically.

Touch Wall Dimmers

This control is a level-up version of a dimmer switch. With a touch wall dimmer, depending on the model, you have a more comprehensive command system that enables you to also change your lights’ colours and colour temperature. It’s perfect for an RGB or RGBW strip light or bulb!

Remote Control

This control allows you to manage your lights using a remote. It’s like when you switch on your TV or aircon! With one device, you’ll be able to efficiently and conveniently operate your lights without having to walk anywhere. Depending on the fittings you have and the model of your remote, you can go from just dimming/brightening and switching on/off to colour-changing and adding terrific light effects!

Smart Controls

This control is the signal of a new era when it comes to managing your lights. With a smart controller module, you’ll be able to manage your bulb/fittings using your mobile phone, or you can pair it with voice command devices like Alexa or Google Home for hands-free switching! You just need to say, “Alexa turns off the kitchen lights or Google, switch off the dining lights”. Smart controls are the best way to manage your lights efficiently and in style – it even allows you to change the colour of the lights in other rooms to send signals, eg. dim the lights in your children’s bedroom to let them know it’s time to start getting ready for bed!

mobile phone with control settings

What are the benefits of lighting controls?

It’s not just a fancy addition to your home! Lighting controls have numerous benefits that you might overlook. So, to give you a hint, here are some:

Lighting controls help you save electricity. If you left your lights on when you left for work, you could turn it off with your phone if you have smart controls. Also, you can manage the brightness level of your lights which can also reduce your energy consumption.

Lighting controls give you flexibility. From the amount of light to the colour, you can customise your lighting experience with various lighting controls. With this, you can create the perfect atmosphere to match your events or even just your mood.

kitchen with neon coloured lights

Lighting controls allow more convenience. Smart controls and remote controls enable you to manage your lights in the comfort of your sofa. You don’t even need to walk! Just talk or click a few buttons, and your wish is their command!

Lighting controls strengthens security. With motion sensors in your backyard, you’ll be quickly alerted if someone’s trying to break in. Aside from that, not only will you be safer outside in the evening because you can see more clearly but also on the inside since you’ll be able to navigate your home effortlessly.

There you have it! Now that you know why lighting controls are essential, it’s time to head on to our website, Simple Lighting, and start shopping! We have an extensive collection of high-quality LED-compatible dimmer switches, wall dimmers, remote controls, sensors, and smart controls!


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