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9th January 2015 Comments Off on LED Tape vs. LED Strips – what’s the difference? Views: 1860 Simple Lighting Blog

LED Tape vs. LED Strips – what’s the difference?

If you’re looking for a simple way to create unique, energy-efficient ambient lighting in your home or business, you can’t go wrong with LED strip lights or LED tape.

Both are highly versatile lighting solutions. However, many people mistake them for being the same thing. In reality, LED strip lights suit certain applications better than LED tape, and vice versa.

Here, we’ll shed some light on the difference between these two products, and help you decide which one is best for your lighting project.

What is the difference between LED Tape and LED Strips





LED Tape

LED Strips

Best for

Mood lighting

Task lighting


LED tape is incredibly flexible, almost like a tape measure, making it ideal for lighting unusually-shaped areas such as staircases and alcoves.

LED strip lights are rigid strips, so they’re not as flexible as LED tape. However, they can be linked together to create a solution to suit you.

Kind of light

LED tape provides ambient light, which looks great in cupboards, display cabinets, and even behind the TV.

LED strip lights provide a focused light, which is good for areas that require a lot of lighting for everyday tasks, such as kitchen worktops.  


Start from just £14.99 per metre

Start from just £9.95 for a 300mm strip


LED tape is really easy to install, and can be cut to size and applied with a self-adhesive backing.

LED strip lights need to be mounted using a bracket.


LED tape comes in a whole range of colours, from warm white to neon green.

LED strip lights are available in warm, cool or neutral white.

Power supply

12V LED tape operates with a 12V DC constant-voltage power supply known as a driver.

LED Strip Lights are mains-powered, so there’s no need for a driver. They can last up to 50,000 hours.

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