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LED Strip Lights In Your Kitchen

Kitchen LED Tape Under Cabinet Lighting

LED strip lights offer you efficiency, function and style in your kitchen.

No more buzzing, flickering fluorescents. No more glaring incandescent bulbs that cast strong shadows, instead of illuminating your work areas. When you’re ready to replace old fixtures, these LED strip light options offer superior solutions.

LED Rigid Strips

These light strips connect either to your main electricity supply or via a plug and socket. They offer a warm, ambient glow perfect for task lighting or to set the mood in your kitchen.

LED strip lights look like a very slim, low profile fluorescent. Multiple LED bulbs rest in a metal enclosure topped with an acrylic cover. You can buy a variety of units to suit your needs. Some have higher watt bulbs or more bulbs per length when you need stronger light.

LED strip lights have a much longer lifespan than fluorescent or incandescent. They produce little heat in work areas and they’re the ideal choice in damp areas, because they’re moisture resistant. Some units also link together so you can add more light if you discover you need it later. Linkable units allow individual replacement instead of changing a lengthy strip, making them a wise choice over the long-term.

LED Tape

LED tape is very functional, affordable and innovative. Quality tape offers up to 50,000 hours of use, which no fluorescent or incandescent could hope to match. A 40W incandescent bulb may last up to 1,000 hours and a fluorescent might reach 8,000, but neither is as energy efficient or long-lasting as LED tape. This reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your energy bills.

LED strip light tape also offers colour choices. You many want warm white to take the chill off a modern kitchen. You may want to highlight stainless steel and granite countertops with the clean luminescence of cool white. The adventurous may choose ever-changing colour for a perpetually exciting kitchen.

Use LED tape below kitchen cabinets, in display cabinets, in curved areas, below a valance, or wherever you need to light the entire length of a space. Cut the tape to fit instead of juggling multiple units to achieve uniform light.

Switching to LED tape does not mean you’ll compromise light quality either. The tape is very bright, but it does not cast heavy shadows, making it appropriate for all your kitchen needs. It’s sold by the length so you needn’t buy more than you require.

LED Controllers & Dimmers

Traditional lighting does not have the adaptability of LED strip lights. Controllers offer complete control over your lighting system. If you opt for colour, you can switch between hues when you wish. You can also dim your lighting to suit your mood and the task at hand.

You can view LED strip light products here. Advice is available should you have questions on what works best in your particular situation.

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