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26th February 2015 Comments Off on LED light strips in the home Views: 1380 Simple Lighting Blog

LED light strips in the home

LED Light Strips are a game changer!

There are many ways you can use our LED light strips in your home; add a strip under your kitchen cabinets for better lighting of your kitchen unit or lighting up the inside of you wardrobe. LED strip lights are available as a cool white, warm white or colour changing RGB kit and can be used to illuminate a small area when you don’t need to light up the whole room like a computer keyboard or used as a light source to read a book.

It’s very popular to use colour changing RGB LED strip lights for a decorative effect around the home. One of our most popular items here at Simple Lighting is our Colour Changing RGB LED TV Kit that can create a stunning effect to your home entertainment centre.

LED Light Strips mounted on the back of a TV


Our Colour changing RGB LED TV kits are all manufactured to order in our factory and can be a great addition to your home entertainment system. We sent a set out to technology blogger Ryan Oneill in Scotland for a review and he loved it, giving the product a 5* review. He liked how simple the system is right out of the box from wiring up to fitting, and how stunning the final effect is, take a look….



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