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Halloween makeup: Pro tricks and treats

Halloween Makeup is FUN!

Ghosts and ghouls are coming out of the woodwork this week as the chance to play with Halloween Makeup creeps closer. The perfect night for little horrors to terrorise the streets in their search for sweets and treats. But it’s not just the little monsters that come out to play.

Halloween is the eve that men and women can become their darkest desires for one night. Be it a blood thirsty vampire, a hungry zombie or something completely out of this world, Halloween is the night where we can let our imaginations runs wild.

Halloween makeup Pro tricks and treats

Beauty blogger Jody (Monroemisfit) knows the importance of lighting in her creations

Everyone knows for a good night out, the prep starts early, and Halloween is no exception. The trend for getting creative with your makeup brush to create some truly horrifying looks has been growing in popularity. The pros will tell you, one thing you need for a frightening face is the right lighting.

Imagine toiling away getting every sweep of your makeup brush perfect only to find when you step away from the mirror it’s a horror show. This is because your makeup lighting has lied to you. Halloween is a night of darkness, where things go bump in the night, but you need to shine a light if you want to give a good fright.

Halloween makeup lighting for the pros

wow with your halloween makeup just like the pros

Think about the colour of your lighting first. Yellow light will have your skin looking sallow and ill. While that is good for a Halloween look you can end up using too much powder or even the wrong colour tinted primer because of how you appear in the mirror. That’s not a good start at all. And while rosy lights can make you look healthier and vibrant they are only rose tinted glasses in the makeup world, you need to see the true you. A cool florescent white can, on the other hand, be a little too harsh to your skin, leading you to over compensate.

This is why makeup artists around the world and lighting specialists like us recommend a warm white LED light. The colour rendering index (CRI), the measurement at which the lamp is to a natural light source, for a warm white LED is closest of all lamps to natural light. This means that the person you see in the mirror is the true reflection of yourself. Now all your hard work on making your Halloween makeup look perfect won’t be in vain. Every dark circle and blood splatter will look flawless against your skin.

LED lights for halloween makeup

Transform before your very eyes with creative Halloween makeup

Now you know what light can aid in your transformation from office angel to devilish demon, you really need to know what fixtures you need to complete that look. Just like the wrong kind of light will hinder your appearance the intensity and placement of lights can do the same.

The misconception is that you need the brightest lights possible close to your face in order to create a masterpiece on your skin. The truth? Soft lights are best. The bright lights will be too harsh against your skin and simply obscure and taint the vision you are trying to complete. The softer light will of course illuminate your features perfectly while being a lot more flattering.  You might be wondering how you create the perfect soft lighting for your makeup. Well don’t fear its quiet simple really. The lighting can be softened with a stain finished bulb or even easier by a simple lampshade. Anything that can obscure the glow of your lamp without blocking it out all together will create the perfect soft glowing light for your makeup delight.


LED lighting for Halloween makeup

The only limit is your imagination when you have your perfect lighting

And that’s only half the battle’s done, now you have to figure out your light positioning. Overhead spot lighting is a no go. Remember when you used to tell horror stories with your friends as a child, lighting up your face from below with a torch? Well that is just the effect that overhead spotlighting will have on your face, casting horrid shadows and making you see things that just aren’t there.

The perfect positioning for your lighting should be directly in front of you, shining onto your face and dispelling any shadows. This way you can see every detail of your design, from the fiddly placement of sequins to the grotesque placement of that festering wound. The easiest way to ensure that your face is perfectly lit is with an illuminated mirror. There are bathroom mirrors with inbuilt LEDs that will light up your face while you work away perfecting that horrifying look.

The only limit now is your imagination. Don’t let your makeup be horrifying for all the wrong reasons.

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