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Get Floored with Soft LED Plinth Lights

The versatility and durability of LED lighting means that there is a product suitable for any area of your home, and whether you have traditional or contemporary tastes, LED lights come in a such a wide range of styles that they can make a beautiful addition to your décor.

But perhaps there is one area of your home where lighting has been neglected, and the addition of decorative LED lighting in this area could achieve attractive effects without breaking the bank. How about lighting up your floor with subtle ambient light from LED plinth lights?

We focus so much on our overhead lighting and cabinet-level lighting that we forget to look down sometimes. But ground-level lighting can also be transformed with the addition of LED, and you can achieve sleek, luxurious effects that will most definitely be eye-catching, creating a real talking point for your visitors.

Low cost, low maintenance lighting

A relatively recent addition to the LED product range, LED plinth lights are small, individual lights that can be placed at floor level at varying distances within plinth, base or skirting boards, including base boards for kitchen appliances like washing machines or dishwashers.


LED plinth lights can be installed in appliance base boards



These tiny lights are incredibly cost-effective, as they only need 1.5w per light, making them one of the most energy-efficient forms of lighting you can install in your home. And with a long lifespan of around 20,000 hours, you won’t need to replace them for a very long time. They come with a 1.5m wire so they can be spaced to your requirements, with a simple ‘daisy chain’ connection system.

One of the great things about installing LED plinth lights is that they’re compact, vibration-proof and run at very low temperatures. You won’t need to worry about them overheating, which is a bonus if you have curious pets or children!

Soft and subtle light effects

LED plinth lights are much softer than other forms of kitchen or cabinet lighting, but they’re incredibly effective at casting beautifully enhancing light effects that will really show off your home to its full potential.

Not only will plinth lights help to illuminate your kitchen cabinet units or islands with modern, mood-enhancing light, they can beautifully highlight the colour and texture of your floor features like tiling or wooden parquet. If you have a shiny kitchen floor, the mirror effect created by LED plinth lights on shiny surfaces will not dazzle you but will cast a subtle glow, making your ground space appear larger.

LED plinth lights can add a subtle glow to wooden floors

LED plinth lights can add a subtle glow to wooden floors

Plinth lights come in a range of colours, so if you have wooden floors or dark-coloured tiles, warm white would be a good colour to match. If you have a stone floor or white tiles, cool white or even blue will provide stunning light whilst not being too overpowering.

No matter how small or big your kitchen space is, or whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen, you can add warm mood light to your units and cabinets, either internally or externally.

LED plinth lights also have a functional benefit. When evening comes in, if you want to avoid the harsh glare of overhead ceiling lights, your LED plinth lights act like tiny beacons, guiding your way into the kitchen with unobtrusive illumination.

Away from the kitchen, plinth lights can be a fabulous and cost-effective way to highlight other areas of your home. They can be installed along steps, the skirting boards of your staircase or in your living areas, or at the bottom of your display cabinets for visually striking effects.

Plinth lights can be a beautiful addition to stairways

Plinth lights can be a beautiful addition to stairways

You can use them to light up your wardrobe, or even the ground-level panels in your bathroom. Another bonus is the atmosphere that can be added to a room with just the plinth lighting left on.

Available in natural, cool and warm white colours and with a range of shapes to choose from – circular, square or microdot – LED plinth lights give you the flexibility to create bespoke lighting effects and wow visitors to your home. Why not have a look at Simple Lighting’s LED plinth lights and all-in-one kits and get inspiration for your own floor-level lighting? Our plinth light kits make installation quick and easy as they come with a cable and transformer, allowing you to create amazing lighting effects at unbeatable prices.

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