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A Simple Guide to Colour Changing LED Tape

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) continue to be preferred for home and commercial lighting due to their energy efficiency and their cost-effectiveness in the long run. They are brighter, long lasting, cooler, and come in many different types and colours too. Hence, you should be able to find one that will suit any application. If you are looking to create a playfully bright space, consider Colour Changing LED Tape which is reasonably priced and capable of adding touches of colour and style to any area. Colour Changing LED Tape is also known as RGB LED Tape due to the fact that the LEDs are Red, Green and Blue. When the light from these coloured LEDs are mixed in different amounts it gives access to thousands of colour options. Here is a Simple Lighting Guide to Colour Changing LED Tape:

It’s flexible;Colour Changing LED Tape

LED Tapes are flexible, making them ideal to install on odd or curved corners, or, if you want to create a shape or design with them. When we explain LED Tape, we usually compare it to a metal tape measure as it bends in a similar way.

It’s available in different lengths;

Colour Changing LED Tape is available in the exact length you need! We are one of very few companies in the UK that will cut LED Tape from the reel to the exact lengths you require (to the nearest 165mm) Free of charge. We will also solder a 1m cable on to the end to save you the hassle!

There are different amounts of LEDs per metre available;

We sell Colour Changing LED Tape with 30 or 60 LEDs per metre of Tape. The more lights a length of tape has, the better illumination it can provide. Consider choosing your colour changing LED tape based on the number of LEDs it has, because if you want ambient lighting then 60 LEDs per metre may be too bright, just as 30 LEDs per metre may not be bright enough if you need task lighting.

Check the IP rating if you plan on using it outdoors;Colour Changing LED Tape

Some colour changing LED tapes come with an IP rating (ingress protection), which is usually IP65. This means they can be installed outdoors or in areas where conditions may be extreme. The rating is a measurement of the LED’s protection against solid objects like dirt, sand, dust, and liquids. The first number (0 to 6) pertains to the level of protection against solid objects, and the higher it is; the better the LED can withstand them. The second number (0-8) pertains to protection against liquids.

Brightness is important too;

Check the lumens to determine the brightness of the LED tape. If you are using it for accent lighting, consider colour changing LED tape that is not brighter than 200 lumens per foot.

Colour Changing LED Tape

Thousands of colours under your control

Colour Changing LED Tape is simple to control;

We have a range of easy to use wall controllers & handheld remote controls that allow you to change the colour and make the tape dimmer or brighter. They also have built in programmes that can fade or jump through the different colours etc. at a speed that you can choose. (Brilliant for parties etc.)

If you have any questions about RGB LED Tape (or any of our other products) feel free to get in touch either by calling one of our friendly expert team on 0151 375 9210 or by email to

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