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5 Alternative Uses for LED Strip

LED Strip Light or LED Tape as it is also called, is now widely known. It is convenient to use as it has an adhesive backing, so you can attach it to virtually any surface without any worries. People are becoming more more impressed by LED tapes because they are energy-efficient, don’t emit heat, and are compact, bright and available in almost any colour imaginable.

LED strips can be bought in single colour or multi-coloured (RGB) strips. The single coloured strips give a white or warm white light, whereas the RGB tape can emit many different colours (along with either white or warm white) and can be controlled with a remote control or wall controller. So, colour selection is not a problem at all.

LED Tape / LED Strip

LED Tape is versatile, energy efficient, compact, bright and doesn’t emit heat.

At Simple Lighting, we have come across a lot of uses for LED Strip,  and since we like to share, we will show you five of our favourite alternative uses of LED Tapes.

  •  Stairs

How about making your stairs more attractive? You can do it simply, by attaching LED Strips to the vertical part of each stair. That way the whole stair will glow in a beautiful manner and each step is more prominent.

To add something more to it, you can carefully attach LED tape under the banister or along your skirting, which will give bold look to your stairs.

  • Inside Your Car

The trick of using LED Tape inside your car is becoming more common, and decorating the inside of your car makes it unique. There are many places to attach LED tape, such as footwells and in doors. Just make sure that it’s not too bright that it will distract you or reflect on your windows at night. Get creative and have fun.

  • Under The Bed

Your bedroom is probably an attractive place already, but what if there is a way you can make it even more appealing? You can do it easily and for a reasonable price by using LED Strip Lights under your bed.

For some people, lighting their bedroom is a big issue. When they turn off the main light it is too dark and when a small light or lamp is turned on, it is distracting. The LED lights under your bed can address this issue because it will prevent your room from being completely dark, and as they are under your bed, but the light will not annoy you while sleeping.

  • Pathway of Home or Restaurant

Sometimes it is hard to find the pathway, especially for restaurants and commercial places. This problem can be solved in a creative way by using waterproof LED strips inside of waterproof profiles. you could also use LED Tape the same way for lighting up the pathway of your home.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is the most integral part of a home. It will only improve the ambience if LED Tape is used to improve its lighting. Since the kitchen is a place with many cabinets and kitchen tops, there are many ways you can use LED strips and make your kitchen look unique. You could light the inside of your cabinets, the underside of cupboards, the plinth or kickboard or even the small space around any appliances.

LED Tape in Kitchen

LED Tape in Kitchen

LED Tape in Kitchen

If you feel like being creative yourself, then you can find our entire range of LED Tape here –






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