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17th November 2015 Comments (1) Views: 2704 Help & Advice, Outdoor Lighting ideas, Simple Lighting Blog

3 security lights to keep you safe this autumn

Winter is our favourite time of year, cosy nights in, mittens and roaring fires, but it’s also a time to be vigilant. UK police have reported that burglary rates increase over the winter. Most of the thefts in winter are from our homes, in 2013 the police recorded 6748 more domestic burglaries over the winter months compared to the summer.  Thieves take advantage of the longer hours of darkness towards the end of the year. No one wants to risk being caught breaking into a house that has their own security lighting.

Keep your home secure with our outside lighting solutions

With this in mind we have picked out three outside lights that can boost your homes security and your personal safety too.


If you want to keep your home and garden secure, especially when you’re not at home, then flood lights are the best security lighting that you can ask for. There are two types of floodlights that you can choose from, standard floodlights and ones with PIR sensor. We suggest for that additional security getting a floodlight with the sensors, especially for your garden and driveway. This is because any movement captured with the sensor will have the area flooded with light, putting off any potential thieves.

Spike lights

For those with bigger gardens or with darkened areas that would be missed by the floodlight spike lights are perfect. Easily positioned in the ground to illuminate any aspects of your garden that needs to be lit up. This could be the shed at the bottom of the garden or even that expensive water feature you adore. Not only will the spike lights give your garden and home that added security but they can make a feature of your flower beds, statues and hedges. You can even place these down your drive way or front path to guide you safely to your front door even in the worst of weathers.

Keep your home safe with outdoor security lights

Spike lights and floodlights can illuminate and keep your home safe this autumn

Whether you need the odd spike light or multiple groups throughout your garden we can provide them for you. Available in 3 or 5 packs with or without bulbs, though we suggest using our GU10 LED bulb for the spike lights. They provide better brighter light throughout the night and have a much longer life, so you can be secure year round.

Walk over lights

These are wonderful to increase your personal safety when leaving and returning home in the dark. Fully recessed into your decking, patio or even doorstep these little lights will light up your way back into your home. You never have to trip over that step or slip on that patch of ice you just didn’t see again. They are waterproof and blend perfectly with their surroundings, there is nothing to step around you really can just, walk over them.

Even when winter is over these lights will still be a wonderful feature in your garden. Lighting up your decking year round and providing the perfect subtle mood lighting.

Increasing your home’s safety will keep you and your family safer this winter. These small changes will allow you to keep on enjoying those cosy nights in, feeling protected and secure.

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