LED downlights are beautiful

LED Downlights – The Benefits

Advantages of LED Bulbs

Advantages of LED Bulbs

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Where To Use LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights offer many benefits that traditional lighting fixtures do not. They’re particularly handy because they don’t heat up, making them especially suitable for small spaces or wherever heat is an issue. The fixtures are also smaller, they’re very affordable, and you have colour choices. This makes them ideal for adding light wherever you need it and to set the mood in a room. Here are just a few of the locations you can use LED strip lights.


Do you have a dingy closet and you can’t see what’s in it? LED strip lights don’t emit the heat of an incandescent and they don’t pop and buzz like an unattractive fluorescent. You can light up the darkest spaces without creating a fire hazard or breaking the bank. These compact fixtures also enhance your décor, so you needn’t hide them.

LED strip lights behind Mirrors

LED strip lights work exceptionally well over reflective surfaces. They do not cast heavy shadows or create glare. They offer equivalent wattage to traditional fixtures, and you can choose either an inconspicuous light tucked behind a valance or an attractive, compact fixture that suits the style of your room.


Shelves help you organize your home, but sometimes you use them to show off your prized possessions. Whether it’s a unique piece of art, lovely china, or photos of the family, the correct lighting can make a shelf area spectacular. LED strip lights offer shades of white and colours and they are very directional. Instead of lighting the entire shelf, you focus it on the item you want to see.

Where To Use LED Strip Lights

Under Cabinets

Adding LED strip lights beneath cabinets makes sense, because they deliver quality light where you need it. Whether you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen or working in your office, these fixtures provide the crisp light you need to complete your task without eye strain. If it’s ambiance you want, choose a lower wattage or softer colour. Did we mention they’re energy efficient too?

LED strip lights installed under cabinets.


LED strip lights aren’t affected by heat or cold. This certainly isn’t true of incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting and high-efficiency halogen bulbs are phased out by September of this year. LED bulbs also last longer than compact fluorescent and they rival their cost. You can also create amazing effects with the colours and options LED offers, such as dimmers and programmable controllers.

Pools & Water Features

Waterproof LED lights suitable for the outdoors make them the ideal choice around the pool, hot tub, or water features. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, you change fewer bulbs and save money. Wall-mounted or portable controllers allow you to select the colour and change the speed and intensity of your lighting in up to four zones in your home. Adjust your lighting to suit your mood and lower your electricity bill.

LED strip lights come in both rigid and flexible formats that will fit any space. View available products here and speak with an agent if you have any questions. They’re well-versed in lighting and can offer advice on appropriate products.

2 Responses to Where To Use LED Strip Lights

  1. John says:

    Its great to be advised on where to install the LED strip lights. But how do you install them? Is it ok for a competant DIY installer to carry our the job?

  2. Shirrell Carroll says:

    Hi John,
    LED strip/tape is really easy to install, all you have to do is peel off the adhesive backing, stick the strip where you want it to be and plug it in! As we offer a bespoke cutting service you only buy the exact amount of strip you need and it will arrive ready to go :)
    If you wanted your strip to be installed somewhere tricky to reach or around water etc then we would of course advise seeking advice from or hiring a professional to do the job…
    I hope this has been helpful.
    Regards, Shirrell.