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The simple guide to LED aquarium lighting

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See gyms in a new light with LED sports...

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Thomas Edison 184 years on

Father of the electric lightbulb

Thomas Edison: Father of the electric lightbulb

On this day, aged 84 in 1931 the father of the electric lightbulb, Thomas Edison, died. Today, on the 184 year anniversary we have chosen to look back at the great man and his invention that has light up the entire world.

Edison was a fantastic inventor of many different things from the phonograph to the motion picture camera and even the alkaline storage battery. Yet the one invention that he is best known for is the electric lightbulb.

It all started in 1878 when he began working on an electrical illumination system, he believed that it could rival gas and oil lighting systems already in place. He wanted to create a long lasting incandescent bulb that would be suitable for indoor use. Others before Edison has created different versions of the lightbulb but they weren’t commercially practical. With a few months hard work it was January 1880 that he received a patent for his electric bulb. This was the first ever commercially practical incandescent light.

Edison continued to work on his invention and even went so far as to create his own electric light company in order to provide electricity to the masses. During his time publically demonstrating his incandescent lightbulb he stated:

“After the electric light goes into general use, none but the extravagant will burn tallow candles.”

How right he was, today within every home, every business we use electricity and lightbulbs. Of course we have come far from his first incandescent light to the LEDs of today. However, none of it would have been possible without those first steps taken by the great inventor that was Thomas Edison.

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