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The parent’s guide to firework safety

Firework safety

Be in awe of fireworks and keep your children safe

Seeing your children wide eyed watching all the colours explode across the sky, there could be nothing more magical on bonfire night. But, even with all the delight and wonderment we have to look after ourselves and especially our children.

Parents will be shocked to know that over half of all firework injuries are suffered by children. Some studies suggest that it is close to 500 children injured by sparklers or fireworks over October and November and 373 of them happened during home displays. These studies go on to say that more boys than girls are injured by fireworks especially those aged 12-15. The most common injuries children suffer from fireworks are to their hands, eyes and face.

Fireworks are a wonderful sight to behold and they can be an event for the entire family, but to ensure your child’s safety there are certain firework safety recommendations that should be followed.

• Only purchase fireworks that state BS7114 (British Standard) and ensure instructions are in English
• Keep all unlit fireworks in a closed metal box away from fire
• Light fireworks at arms-length before standing well back
• Never return to a firework once it has been lit
• Never throw a firework or place one in your pocket
• Light sparklers one at a time and always wear gloves when holding them
• Keep all pets indoors
• Direct all fireworks away from spectators
• Keep a bucket of water handy in case of emergencies

Tips for younger children

• Supervise your children at all times
• Do not let children under 5 use sparklers
• Those over 5 should always wear gloves when using sparklers and aim away from their and other people’s faces
• Fireworks can be incredibly loud, especially in small spaces, so some ear defenders can protect your child’s delicate hearing

Tips for older children

• Ensure you know where your children are going and who with on bonfire night
• Give your children a torch or reflective clothing, so that they can be seen in the darkness
• Ensure your children keep at a distance from fireworks and bonfires
• Ensure that your children are aware of the dangers, especially if they are going to an event or function without you

Did you know?

1. It is an offence to let fireworks off from 12pm to 7am on bonfire night, so your little darlings can be tucked up fast asleep ready for dream land without worrying about fireworks all through the night.
2. Sparklers can reach temperatures more than 15 times as hot as boiling water. As beautiful and exciting as sparklers can be, your children should be supervised at all times.

With the dangers that can befall your child when you put on a home fireworks display we suggest going to a local community display. They are completely organised and every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of all those who attend the event. Fireworks till midnight, delicious warming food and the children writing their names with sparklers are the bonfire memories you want to make this bonfire night. Keep safe.

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