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The History of Kitchen Lighting [Infographic]

From Stone Age to Light Sabres, kitchen lighting has evolved. Simple Lighting explores.

Kitchen History 1292 x 4427


Cooking in an hygienic, high-tech kitchen beneath a fantastic lighting design has become a reality for many. The possibilities for actually lighting our world have changed dramatically. Now imagine a dark cave, a small fire and a hunk of mammoth meat! Welcome to your Stone Age kitchen!

When Homo Sapiens discovered flame then life must have changed dramatically. Isn’t it true that every technological leap forward we make completely shifts our approach to life?  Whatever happens in the world of science and technology eventually filters into our kitchens. Think of Teflon as a simple example. It began as a space shuttle protector and now we fry our eggs on it!


We are what we eat, how we eat and how we light our kitchens!

It’s easy to look back in history and think nothing was as sophisticated as today. But did you know the Elizabethans, for example, were just as keen to show off their wealth and new discoveries as we are today? Sugar used to be rare and expensive so the Elizabethans, who had the spare cash, would actually make whole dinner services out of the stuff. They would be lit by candles and guests would be invited to admire the twinkling creations. Then to really hammer the point home, that money was no object, the plates would be smashed. Just to prove there was more where that came from we guess.


We love to show off !

There was a time, of course, when a gas light would have been the ultimate luxury. Ironically Nordlux has revamped that retro style for a fab range of outdoor lighting solutions. (link) But we digress.  Those original gas lights were a step in the right direction for homeowners. Yet their safety record wasn’t acceptable and obviously they couldn’t be near solid fuel ranges without inherent risks.


Kitchen lighting designs once relied on sunlight

We forget how electricity has allowed us to be nocturnal creatures. We do as we please when we please whatever the time of night. There was a time when we’d be up with the larks and back in bed when the sun set.  Every kitchen sink was sited under a window. That was the extent of kitchen lighting design.


Nowadays we want light on the subject as and when we need it.

Kitchen lighting design has moved on apace and as LED technology continues to progress, we can look forward to so much more. For example, we are expecting WiFi to be carried through LEDs’ visible light that will be able to transmit high frequency data. Already these installations have been carried out in the commercial sphere, so your kitchen may very well become super high-tech quite soon. Put a robot in an apron and the evening meal will be done and dusted simply by sending an SMS!

No one could have predicted the rapid change kitchen lighting design has undergone since the first bulb cast a creamy glow from the centre of the kitchen ceiling. One can only speculate what the next century will bring and how kitchen lighting design will continue to evolve.

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