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21st October 2015 Comments Off on See gyms in a new light with LED sports floors Views: 1787 Commercial, Inspiration, Interesting Blog Posts

See gyms in a new light with LED sports floors

See gyms in a new light with LED sports floors

See sports in a new light

Have you ever been playing a game of tennis and wanted to change it up to play handball or basketball but the thought of moving rooms to find the right court just saps the joy right from you? Now you no longer have to change rooms when you change the game. The chameleon of sports floors has burst onto the scene allowing users to play any game they want, from tennis to football all in the same room on the same floor with the simple push of a button.

The ASB GlassFloor is an innovative piece of functional technology which can change the way we play sports. It’s so much more than another sports floor, in fact the German company that created this floor, were not wanting to create a LED sports floor; they had a vision for something so much bigger.

LED Sportsfloor for tennis

LED Sports floors are the future for every gym

We had a chance to talk to the pioneering minds behind the ASB GlassFloor to discuss their outstanding LED invention. We learnt so much about their floor, how it was made and how it can be used for so much more than expected.

Traditional sports flooring is normally wood, rubber or even PVC which allows for effortless game play but no one would have thought about using glass for a sport floor. Till now. ASB GlassFloor defies conventions with its glass surface. Designed with an aluminium double beam sub-structure the floor retains its elasticity as any standard sports floor would, allowing for the same bounce and support when playing sports on it. Now glass is normally shiny and slippery, the last thing you want from a sports floor or any floor in fact. However, the ASB GlassFloor has low light refection values and has reduced slippiness due to the special treatment it gains in production.  The surface is etched to avoid light reflection and is the floor is coated in an anti-skid screen to reduce slippiness. This means that that the players do not get distracted by reflections or even blinded by reflecting light nor will they be slipping and sliding everywhere. The main focus as always is on the players. They knew nothing out there was good enough so chose to invent and pave the way for interactive LEDs in sports.

So it’s just a sports floor made of glass? No, it is so much more.

The properties of the glass floor allow it to be optimised for a lot more than just a floor surface. The LED sports floor is perfect for schools and sporting arenas even gyms as within the glass there are LED marking that can be turned on/off and changed on demand. Imagine being able to play tennis and basketball in the same space without becoming confused with the painted lines on the floor. The individual line markings look professional and rid any confusion when choosing to play a different game without changing rooms.

Yet, it’s not just the court line markings that can be lit up in full LED glory, the entire surface can become interactive. Scoreboards to video messages are only the start of what can be shown on the ASB GlassFloor. The entire floor can be turned into one huge screen, making it an innovative and versatile way of advertising.

Panorama LED Sportsfloor

Playing sports will never be the same again

This is an amazing advancement in technology but most of all in LEDs and this is something we are really excited about. It is clear that LEDs and sports go hand in hand. In the spirit of this we are running a competition for one lucky person to win an Xbox One and most importantly three new games, including FIFA and World Cup Rugby 2015. There is no reason not to enjoy the excitement of sports this winter, whether you get the chance to play on the innovative ASB GlassFloor or enjoy all the thrills from the comfort of your sofa.

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