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Romantic Lighting for Valentine’s Day

The mention of Valentine’s Day will light your heart up with joy or terror, depending on how romantic you are. You’re probably stressing over getting a booking at that popular swanky restaurant or how many ways you can make a box of chocolates look like an original gift.

But fear not. Even if you can’t make it out for dinner, or you’re short on romantic inspiration, you can create a lovey-dovey atmosphere at home with our LED lighting ideas.

Get creative with LED tape

If you’re in the mood to create unique mood lighting in your home, and wow your other half with bespoke effects, our red LED tape is durable yet flexible, allowing you to create your own heart-shaped lighting design – or you can use it to highlight alcoves, units or coving to create a truly intimate atmosphere.

red light heart



You don’t need to worry about our LED tape breaking or tearing, as it’s manufactured to the highest standards and designed with cuts every 50mm, so you can choose just how long you want each length. Or why not make use of our custom-cut service? Just specify which lengths you want and our warehouse elves will cut your tape to your exact measurements.

The great thing about LED tape is that it’s so flexible – you can make your own bespoke lighting installation or design.

LED tape art


Warm glows with kitchen lighting

As Simple Lighting has written about before, filament LED bulbs are coming back into fashion in a big way. The soft retro-style light from these bulbs is perfect for adding warm light to your Valentine’s Day dinner – you can use them in ceiling pendants or table lamps to recreate the restaurant atmosphere at home in your kitchen or dining room.

LED filament


Our range of LED-compatible table lamps can add subtle light to your living areas, and with a wide range of bulbs in different colour temperatures, the only limit to your lighting desires is your own imagination. Our floor lamps are also ideal for spreading warm, unobtrusive light in your rooms, avoiding the glare of bright overhead lighting.

table lamp

Of course, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without mood music in the background. Our pop-up socket with Bluetooth speaker allows you to stream your favourite Barry White or Celine Dion tracks in the background while you cook or serenade your better half.


Why not browse our range of low-cost LED products and get inspired!

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