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A Few Of Our Favourite Designs Of Modern Floor Lamps

Over the years Floor Lamps have evolved and presently hold a badge of honour as probably one of the oldest forms of lighting. Elegant and stylish, floor lamps are available in models designed to match any décor. From modern and contemporary to retro and rich, they add value to living rooms and bedrooms. Floor lamps portability makes them easy to position or to make space for other objects or a gathering. Profiled below are a few of our favourite modern floor lamps that are available on our website.

Lovely Floor Lamps

Art through Tiffany style Jamelia floor lamps

Inspired by Tiffany glass, bronze and beads, the Jamelia floor light is a symbol of elegance and art. The subtle yet regal designs are bound to cast a spell on visitors and homeowners alike. Made from high quality polyester resin, the Jamelia lamp with a height of over five feet makes a perfect style statement in combination with LED lights. The hallmarks of the lamps are the compatibility with LED lights, thereby offering users the choice of using LED lamps with the designs.

Unique upturned shades for novel style

Josette floor lights come with a unique upturned shade to redefine style. Created with dark shaded glass that acts as a perfect foil for the bronze, the upturned shades highlight the different style. This feature draws greater attention to the detailing. The compatibility of the model with LED lamps makes it a reassuring buy, offering the option of keeping energy bills low, by as much as 75% compared to regular lamps of same wattage.

Marriage of die cast zinc and glass for superior appeal

The Anderson floor lamp, complete with a pull cord is the ideal bedroom floor lamp to set moods. The combination of die cast zinc alloy with glass, the exquisite styling of the shade & sturdy base makes for a solid appearance in the bedroom. A picture of elegance. It actually portrays the air of composure and confidence, reflecting on the qualities of the occupants of the residence. Choice of décor actually reflects on the lifestyles of individuals and the Anderson floor lamp is a great way to showcase style.

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