Colour Changing LED Tape

A Simple Guide to Colour Changing LED Tape

Buying Your Dream Chandelier

Buying Your Dream Chandelier

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Lighting Ideas you’ll Love

We’re here with this blog today to share some of our favourite Lighting Ideas. New LED lighting allows you do amazing and unexpected things with light. You can create ambiance, focus light on your favourite objects, and bring pizzazz to a boring room, sometimes in very untraditional ways. Here are 10 Great Lighting Ideas that might inspire you to use LED technology in your home.

Colour Behind a Backsplash

Colour-changing LED strip lights installed behind a translucent backsplash create drama and variety. A programmable LED controller switches lights from soft blue to warm red with the press of a button. You have proper, bright light when you need it, and instant ambiance at a very affordable price.

Bathroom Lighting Extraordinaire

Lighting Ideas in the bathroom

Do you have a floating mirror? Install an LED strip light below or behind it to create a warm glow that also comes in handy when you need to use the loo in the middle of the night. You can also install lighting beneath the countertop and leave it on if you wish. Did we mention LED technology is very energy efficient?

Lighting Ideas for Closets

Installing traditional lights in confined spaces can be difficult. You may need an electrician to run wires and you often need to cut holes in the ceiling or wall. Not so with LED technology.

Rigid LED strip lights offer compact, attractive styling and the choice of wiring to electrical mains, or a wire and plug. You’ll see what’s in your closet clearly with clean, bright light and you needn’t worry about a fire hazard in a confined space, because LEDs produce almost no heat.

Instant Focus

LED Profiles containing LED Tape can create instant drama on the underside of the balustrade of your staircase. You enjoy safer journeys up and down the steps and your staircase becomes the focal point of your home easily, and inexpensively. Profiles are an excellent start when thinking about Lighting Ideas!

Light Upwards

You probably haven’t considered using lower lights in a room, but you should. A strip of LED Tape around the kickboards in a dining room creates a stunning, classic effect. It highlights lovely hardwood, a feature carpet, or tile flooring.

Art in the Yard

Do you have a garden shed or children’s playhouse in the yard? Why not let it serve double duty in the evening? Blue or warm white LED lights transform mundane objects into mesmerizing works of art with just the flip of a switch.


Do you have a pantry, but you never seem to be able to find a thing in it? It’s probably too dark! Add LED strip lighting to the inside, and you’ll never need to worry about leaving the door open again. Even clutter on shelves looks intriguing when bathed in soft, warm light.

Deck Rail

Outdoor lighting can be a challenge. You’re either floundering around in the dark, or squinting under glaring, harsh lights. LED strip lighting under your deck rail is the perfect solution. It offers modest, dimmable light without glare and it clearly marks the outline of your deck for improved safety.

Exposed Rafters

If you live in a rustic home with exposed rafters, you already know that lighting the space is difficult. Traditional fixtures interrupt the linear effect and may not offer sufficient light.

LED Tape (aka LED Strip) tucks away almost unnoticed along the edge of rafters, or you can also recess the lights into the surface and never see them at all. Add a dimmer and you have the light you need, when you need it.

Cautious Colour

If you’re a little intimidated by bold colours, LED lighting offers a way to test the waters without major commitment. Instead of retiling the bathroom in vivid red, swap one of your traditional bulbs for a red LED bulb to see if it suits you.

These are just a few Lighting Ideas that LED technology inspires. Why not dream up a few of your own? You can view LED tape here or visit our knowledge hub for more inspiration.

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