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LED Or fluorescent lighting: which would you choose?

LED vs Fluorescent Lighting

Recent years have witnessed dramatic changes in the types of lighting used in our homes and businesses – and all for the better. But having said that, it can be hard at times to keep up. For instance, what’s the difference between LED technology and fluorescent lighting and what factors should we consider before buying? 

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It’s all about the technology

When it comes right down to it, LED vs fluorescent lighting are basically two different forms of technology – LED being the more recent and advanced lighting technology available and one step ahead when it comes to environmental and health safety. LED bulbs don’t heat up like other forms of lighting and they contain no harmful chemicals such as mercury.

LED: expected to keep the lights shining bright in the future

LED research has already made exceptional progress when it comes to super-efficient lighting.  The lifespan of the average LED tube light is double that of its fluorescent counterpart for instance. And because of that, here at Simple Lighting we’re happy to offer LED tubes to replace any conventional fluorescent tubes you may have. How can you refuse on learning that products such as the Frosted LED Tube Meridian LEDT2 come with an expected lifetime of up to 50,000 hours? And if you’re not convinced, consider this – lighting giant Philips recently replaced all their fluorescent tubes with LED versions.

Only take what you need

We all know about the natural resources of the planet running out and why therefore we should do our bit by adopting energy efficient ways. Well, LED lighting allows us to do exactly that by making it easier to put an energy efficient label on our homes.  By choosing LED tubes in accordance with their specific wattage, you’re not wasting any energy. Don’t take our word for it though – try it out for yourself. At Simple Lighting you can find wattage choices ranging from 8W LED Tubes to 32W LED Tubes.    

LED is focused lighting

You might hear the words “directional lighting” when shopping for LEDs.  Directional lighting is actually what LEDs are best at – focusing light on a specific area; which is why they’re so good for use in our homes.

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