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Five ways LED lighting is benefitting work environments

There is a rather monumental difference between a favourable work environment and one that is plainly uncomfortable, and LED lighting could make all the difference. Luckily, with the advances of modern-day LED lighting, LED lighting can contribute to the former. Here are five ways in which LED lighting is benefitting work environments in a global sense:

1. Truer lighting with LED panels at Work

Moving away from the harshness of fluorescent and incandescent lighting, LED light panels can offer the best of LED lighting types for any working environment.

pnldl15sq_70837LED panels offer lighting which is more akin to natural light levels. It’s bright without proving overpowering and because of this, has actually been shown to contribute to office productivity levels.

2. Employee health and well-being

Research is showing that we are only starting to understand the health effects of lighting, from changing our moods to other physiological aspects. It’s also proving that LED lighting is in fact better for our health than conventional lighting. This is all down to LED’s wavelengths. Installing LED lighting such as LED track lighting with GU10 bulbs can offer employees optimum lighting and, at the same time, enhance their well-being and health.

3. Cost effectiveness

Multinationals, government departments and other notable corporates are changing to LED lighting. Why? Because LED is extremely cost effective. It also comes with lower maintenance demands. For instance, GU10 LED Light Bulbs can have an average life of 30,000 hours. These cost savings will trickle down to employees, helping organisations remain financially secure – not a bad thing in this day and age!

4. Less heat, more light

Conventional light is known for emitting a lot of heat. The good news with LED lighting is that it emits very little to virtually no heat – just light. These LED Tubes are way more environmentally and people friendly in comparison to their conventional fluorescent counterparts. With a selection of clear, frosted and anti-corrosive tubes, it’s possible to choose one suits an office’s specific needs.

5. No pollutants

It’s not very encouraging to work in an environment where you know you’ll be exposed to pollutants, to say the least. However, if your office has switched to commercial LED lighting, you can be assured it’s not emitting any mercury or lead elements.

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