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Kitchen Lighting to create a Stylish Finish

Kitchen Lighting is more important than you may think!

Over the past 10 years Kitchen Lighting (and Lighting in general) has become more and more of a style and fashion statement. Quite honestly, home owners across the UK are now utilizing modern lighting in all areas of their home in order to create a stylish and cosy feel and it makes little wonder why when modern lighting is becoming more and more affordable.

Within the kitchen popular forms of lighting include multi-directional ceiling fittings with a number of adjustable bulbs to direct light to different areas of a room as well as wall fittings which can be disguised as a painting for that super contemporary finish.  Often overlooked however is under cupboard lighting which if utilized correctly can 100% take the place of ceiling lights during the night and save energy in the process.

The most common types of under cupboard lighting

When one is designing a kitchen and making decisions as to what type of lighting should be used in which space LED lights very often come up as the number one choice, especially in small spaces such as underneath cupboards.

The reasoning behind modern LED’s being favoured above all others for under cupboard lighting by the majority of home owners is simple; LED lighting takes up very little space, can be hidden away out of sight and LED lighting will also save a home owner a lot of energy versus other forms of lighting.

If you are a home owner looking for suitable lighting for your kitchen cupboards and cabinets then LEDs might very well be perfect for you. At Simple Lighting, we stock a wide range of easy to implement LED lights at competitive prices versus other businesses in our market. Popular products in our range include LED strips, strip lights, tape and under cabinet fittings for homeowners looking to make their kitchen a more modern and stylish place to be.

Save energy with under cupboard lighting

On top of making your kitchen an amazing place to be and offering up a modern and stylish design, LED under cupboard lighting and other forms of eco lighting could save you a lot of money on your energy bills over the course of a year. In the case of under cupboard lighting it isn’t just because you are replacing old fashioned light bulbs either, because it is quite a simple job to make it so that you as a home owner have a dedicated switch for your under cupboard lighting, meaning you’ll have no real world need to switch on your main ceiling lights during the night.

If you would like to save energy and create a modern feel to your kitchen then under cupboard lights from Simple Lighting can help you do so at minimal cost. All of our products are of the highest quality and the majority of our LED light products ship with a 12 months warranty against defects, giving you piece of mind when shopping.

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