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LED Bay Lights: Things to consider before buying the Fixtures

Evenly distributed LED bay lights illuminate the interiors of commercial places with great efficiency. It is important to choose fixtures depending on the needs of the spaces. The right choice will not only keep the interiors well lit, it will also ensure that the expenses are kept at reasonable levels, with minimal recurring costs towards energy bills, maintenance and replacement. Here are a few points worth knowing to help in choosing the right LED fixtures.

Lumens as per space and layout of fixtures

It is important to choose lumens of LED Bay lights as per the intended area of coverage, considering the number of fixtures and their layout. Low bay LED lights offer upwards of 9000 lumens, right up to 19000 lumens. It is important to choose fixtures with the right capacity so as not to overdo the lighting or make the interiors poorly lit. The consumption in terms of kilowatt hours also need to be calculated for a more optimized and energy efficient lighting system.

Lifespan of LED lights, with structural features to withstand different conditions

It is important to choose LED lights that will last for a long period of time. Typically, LED lights for low bays are designed to last for upwards of 30,000 hours of operation. This is a good choice, considering the lifespan of other forms of lighting. LED lights that are covered by a reasonable warranty period are an even better choice, offering protection from reduced lifespan, with replacements provided should a light fail due to a fault.  A reasonable warranty period is an indication of quality expectations and help to make the choice easier.

Excellent LED drivers and heat management

The effectiveness of LED lighting depends to a great extent on the quality of LED drivers and the heat management design of the lighting apparatus. The regulation of power to the LED is of great importance to obtain high quality constant lighting and avoid flickering so choose LED bay lights that come with quality LED drivers. Conduction, convection and radiation are some of the methods employed to manage heat in LED lights. Insist on a system with an efficient thermal management design, so as to keep the heat low.

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