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23rd December 2013 Comments Off on Must-know LED aquarium lighting information for first-time aquarium owners Views: 1508 Simple Lighting Blog

Must-know LED aquarium lighting information for first-time aquarium owners

LED aquarium lighting is a popular choice among freshwater aquarium owners for two specific reasons: LED aquarium lighting is not energy-intensive and it doesn’t produce excessive heat, which can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life.  Although most commonly used in freshwater aquariums, LED lighting is also a good choice for some other types of fish cabinets, such as reef aquariums.  If you are a first-time aquarium owner, you should find the following lighting very helpful.

LED aquarium Lighting

Why do I need LED aquarium lighting?

There is plenty of confusion out there about why LED aquarium lighting is necessary. Let us try and clear it up for you. Firstly, fish do not need artificial lighting to survive.  Secondly, artificial lighting is never enough on its own to warm the water – you’ll always need to install a water heater. Thirdly, your aquarium plants need artificial lighting for photosynthesis. Good quality aquarium lighting will light up the entire tank, creating a beautifully lit underwater environment.  There is one more key reason why the right choice of aquarium lighting is an absolute must and that is to prevent excessive algae growth.

Simple Lighting’s Star-Light Range

Earlier this year we happened to introduce our Star-Light Range, an LED selection aimed specially at indoor home aquariums and available in different sizes, up to 120 cm units (suitable for aquarium sizes up to 150 cm). To us, this is the ultimate aquarium range, since it takes into account natural marine environments and natural light. Here is what you – and your fish – will gain from this range:

Built in settings.  The aquarium lights allow you to effectively recreate seasonal light and lighting hours – recreating sunrise and sunset in other words.  This is incredibly important for aquarium fish since sudden light changes can be huge stress factors for them.

Remote control. The lightweight Star-Light II comes standard with legs, hangers and includes remote controlled for ease of use.  It’s high tech too –  ask about our software packages for this unit.

Our Star-Light III selection is actually our most popular LED aquarium range.  These lights can be controlled via your PC or laptop, giving you absolute control over lighting levels and timing.  This lighting unit can also be customised with additional LED – allowing you to create your own bespoke aquatic lighting environment.

Need help with what type of lighting to choose for your aquarium? Don’t hesitate to contact any of our Simple Lighting staff who’ll happily offer advice.

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