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Rugby World Cup in cinematic style

Rugby World Cup in cinematic style

3rd September 2015 Comments Off on Creating a new look to complement interior LED lighting Views: 3158 Help & Advice, How To Guides, Living Area Ideas, Simple Lighting Blog

Creating a new look to complement interior LED lighting

Here at the Knowledge Hub we like to stay informed about everything involving interior LED lighting, and keep up to date with the most current lighting and design trends. Helping you to make choices that make any room look stylish.

With the summer coming to an inevitable end (far too soon!), we’re checking out the upcoming interior design trends for the season and exploring interior LED Lighting to match.

To get an idea of what’s ‘in’ for the autumn we have compiled some ideas that you can use with our range of lighting.

Low ambient lighting gives a natural, romantic feel. Take a look at our LED tape, dimmable bulbs or neon flex to create a breath-taking look to your room or outdoor space, which can improve your sense of safety as well as looking awesome.

The general consensus is that autumns 2015 design trends are going to be about mixing styles, marrying old fashioned reclaimed items with modern designer pieces to create something special. Lets take a look at 3 of the most popular upcoming trends for the next season…

Stylish textured effect wallpaper & Interior LED ceiling lights

Stylish textured effect wallpaper

Bold Wall Patterns

Wallpaper with a bold pattern, wall art and acrylic wall decals are all about impact, making a unique statement in any room.

These are designed to be reflective of the home-owners tastes. Some wallpapers will have a textured effect, this effect coupled with bold print designs are going to be very popular amongst designers this coming season.

Some wall decals will have a mirrored finish which when put together with a well planned lighting scheme will create a fantastic mood in the room.


Colour wise, blue is usually associated with bathrooms,but in the coming season it’s going to be very popular as a go to colour for interior designers to use in any room.

Deep blue is going to pop up in a wealth of designs, including fabrics, furniture and ornaments in any room and cobalt blue was very popular in Autumn 2014.

It could be staying around for another season. For designers that tend to favour very dark or very light colour palettes, blue is expected to be exceptionally popular.

This theme can also be used in terms of lighting, blue LED strip lights can add a whole other dimension to a room!

Modern Home Blue interior LED Cove Lighting

Modern Home Blue LED Cove Lighting


We suggest: natural themes

Bringing the outside, in, is going to be a part of the Autumn style for interior design and gives the option for cool LED lighting.

Interior landscaping is set to be a big trend using reclaimed or salvaged wood with rustic metals to make a striking look and feel to a room.

If you’re not keen on bringing so many elements of the outdoors into your home, a vinyl decal sticker of a forest landscape or the ocean can bring the natural element into your home interior, creating the natural effect for the entire room.

Using traditional and modern elements as a part of your design along with a bit of imagination can really help create a wonderful room design.

Are you planning on decorating this autumn? What theme or type of interior LED Lighting will you be going for? let us know in the comments below…

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