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LED Display – Virtual Flood by Daan Roosegaarde

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Futuristic LED displays

Amazing Futuristic LED Displays

Sometimes making the switch from old fashioned incandescent or halogen bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs is brought on by a different change. Perhaps having a new bathroom or kitchen fitted might bring on the change to a cleaner, more energy efficient lighting solution. Sometimes the change is brought on by a need to create something a little more dramatic like these building sized futuristic LED displays. We hope that you will agree that they are as amazing as we think they are!

A larger building would require a much larger solution. As an example, ESI Design are a U.S. firm who were tasked with producing a lighting facia for an unsightly elevator shaft outside the 300 S Wacker Dr building in Chicago, they came up with this amazing “you are here” LED display.




Futuristic LED displays


Going more than a few steps forward, the same company was asked to re imagine an entrance for a 1974 building at 221 Main Street in San Francisco. Their work brief was to create something that would help the building fit in with the city’s growing tech community. They came up with a 126 foot long digital LED display that extends from the interior lobby to the exterior façade. The designers said of the installation “The entire display is a medium for content, a lighting surface and an architectural addition to the building,” the designers went on to say: “An address that once lacked a distinguishing trait now has a distinct presence that speaks to the promising future of the neighborhood.”

Check it out below.

With the next generation of designers getting to grips with the latest technology of LED lighting designs, there appears to be no limit to what can be put together when designing your lighting scheme at home, work or as part of a giant office installation.

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